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Bob Etheridge offers rebuttal to Romney-Ryan plan

Former Democratic Congresman Bob Etheridge penned a guest opinion piece in Friday's News & Observer rebutting the Romney-Ryan plan:

"Last week, at an event in Raleigh, the Republican vice presidential candidate paid a fitting tribute to the Tar Heel state: “North Carolina, when we think of it, is a state with so many resources, so much talent, a great university system,” U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan said. “It is known for its research, known for its dynamic.”

Having served with Ryan on the House Budget Committee, I have no doubt he meant this as an earnest compliment. But the irony of his words shouldn’t be lost on anybody who understands both the history of our state and the radical direction that Ryan and his running mate, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, want to take us." Read the full piece here.


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Bob, go home

You are as irrelevant as Bev and you need to retire and leave us alone.

Is Bob still................

As I recall Gov. Perdue appointed Bob as the North Carolina Stimulus Czar.  Then I think he went on to become some sorta North Carolina Hurricane Czar.  Is Bob still with Bev's administration?

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