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Black pays $1 million fine

Former N.C. House Speaker Jim Black has paid a $1 million fine days before a court-ordered deadline, his lawyers announced Thursday.

The Matthews Democrat is in federal prison in Pennsylvania after being convicted of accepting illegal payments from campaign contributors, mostly in cash handed over in men's bathrooms.

In a release, attorney Allen Powell said Black paid the fine to the school system in Wake County, where he was convicted, reports Jim Morrill and David Ingram.

"I always intended to leave a portion of my estate to help secure the enhancement of North Carolina's public educational system," Black said in a statement. "And while this payment comes a bit premature, I gladly give it knowing that North Carolina's children will be the beneficiaries."

The fine was originally due last year. But his attorneys argued that Black was unable to sell real estate at a fair market value. A Superior Court judge then set a July 1 deadline, with one condition: Black had to put up property as a guarantee.

He chose his former optometry uptown office, valued for tax purposes at $1.2 million. The judge wrote that the property could be sold at foreclosure if needed.

It's unclear where Black got the million dollars. Mecklenburg property records indicated he still owns the uptown property. Powell could not be reached late Thursday.

"The only legacy that Jim Black will leave the state of North Carolina is one of political corruption and personal shame," said Joe Sinsheimer, a former Democratic campaign consultant who has criticized Black.

Black is due for release in 2012.


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Re: Boseman next?

Mr. Basnights office was notified of this letter posted here earlier today, and were informed that a media response was expected! Lets see/hear it Basnight...its up to you, bud!

Re: Black pays $1 million fine

There's no doubt that she's in trouble with the voters (at least), but collecting an assortment of statements from a civil case to paint a picture of immorality is not reporting, it's a targeted character assassination, with the sole purpose of replacing her with a Republican.

Re: Boseman next?

scharrison thanks for clueing me in on the JLF role, had no idea but if what Curtis J. Wright is reporting is true, then Boseman has a problem.

Re: Black pays $1 million fine

FFC, if you want more Curtis J. Wright, just go to the John Locke Foundation's main propaganda clearing house and look for N.C. talk radio. He and his Morning Beat program are about halfway down the list of other employees who jabber on the radio in support of JLF initiatives.

Re: Boseman next?

Posted June 20, 2008 01:40 PM
PRESS RELEASE: June 19, 2008

Sen. Marc Basnight, President Pro Tempore; Lanny Wilson, NC Board of Transportation Member; David Jones, Former Wilmington Mayor; and Benjamin David, District Attorney 5th Judicial District, will be attending a fundraiser for Sen. Boseman at the home of a convicted felon on June 24, 2008, at 610 Trails End Road, Wilmington, NC, at 6:00 PM.

Prominent Wilmington developers, attorneys and members of the Trask, Wilson, Garrett, and Merritt families are also sponsoring this event at the home of the convicted felon.

At the present time, a 'Motion To Show Cause' (Contempt) for willfully violating a District Court Custody Order is pending against the Senator in Court. At the present time, public records have been uncovered, relating to Sen. Boseman, that sources say may result in an additional investigation for forgery of election reporting documents. As of today, it has been confirmed, through independent ,that Sen. Boseman has been living at the home of a prominent Raleigh lobbyist in possible violations of North Carolina Elections laws, also involving the removal of a minor child from New Hanover County and placing of that minor child in the care of a third-party in violation of District Court Orders. Public documents reveal multiple, willful acts of refusing to pay assessed taxes on multiple properties in two counties. And, The Wilmington Journal has called for Sen. Boseman's resignation in response to sworn court testimony that the Senator frequently used the "N word" to characterize African-Americans.

Taxpayers in New Hanover County met on Thursday evening to discuss a peaceful protest at the fundraiser location and to take further action to bring public awareness as to these concerns over the actions of Senator Boseman. Concerns have been voiced by citizens who want to protest at this event that the New Hanover County Sheriff, who is also a supporter and donor to Sen. Boseman's campaigns, will take some action to block their desires to protest.

A letter to Sen. Basnight from The Big Talker FM (attached) outlining the community's concerns was sent on June 17, 2008 asking for an official response to such community concerns. No response to date has been received.

Curtis Wright
The Morning Beat

Re: Boseman next?

WoW...this Curtis Wright guy is ON the Ball!!! Way to go Curtis! Sorry I missed meeting you in Rawleigh Wednesday!

Excellent Letter!!!

Where's the response???

Re: Boseman next?

From the Wilmington Star News online forum

talk show host Curtis Wright regarding Senator Boseman's upcoming fund raiser.

Dear Mr. Basnight,

On June 24th , we understand that you are coming to Wilmington to be the keynote speaker at a campaign fundraising event for Sen. Julia Boseman, and possibly to deliver a check to her campaign that may be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Knowing the embarrassing record of both Democratic leaders and representatives convicted and now removed from the State Legislature, and specifically the terribly damaging effects to the State Legislature and our community due to the illegal actions of former Rep. Thomas Wright, we respectfully ask for a formal reply to the following concerns:

1. A major Donor and Fundraiser for Senator Boseman, and most likely a participant in the July 24th event, is a convicted felon (arrested for stealing checks, forgery) has been involved in Senator Boseman’s campaign fundraising for the last several years; and,

2. As a State Legislator, lawyer and officer of the court, who has sworn to uphold the laws of North Carolina, and hold herself to a higher standard of conduct, admitted in sworn testimony that while holding elected office, representing the citizens of New Hanover County, did process and abuse illegal drugs and alcohol: violating the laws of North Carolina and the North Carolina Rules of Professional Conduct for members of the Bar; and,

3. In recent sworn testimony, a current female companion and sexual partner of Senator Boseman admitted to being intoxicated with Senator Boseman at a public function, with children of other Legislators present, whereas, the inappropriate behavior of Senator Boseman and her companion did embarrass the participants attending that public event, and soiling the reputation of her office; and,

4. As a State Legislator, lawyer and officer of the court, sworn to uphold the laws of NC, and hold herself to a higher standard of conduct, did, according to recently filed court documents and sworn affidavits, knowingly violate both the orders of the District Court of New Hanover County, in place to protect the best interest’s of a minor child, while violating the North Carolina Rules of Professional Conduct for members of the Bar; and,

5. As a State Legislator, lawyer and officer of the court, sworn to uphold the laws of NC, and hold herself to a higher standard of conduct, did, while a State Legislator, according to her own sworn testimony, knowingly, during the course of ongoing litigation, mislead and present false statements to an adoption investigator who, in good faith, was attempting to formulate factual information for the Court as to the best interest’s of a minor child: a violation of the North Carolina Professional Code of Conduct for members of the Bar; and,

6. As a State Legislator, according to sworn testimony, did knowingly abuse and improperly threaten a citizen, by threat as to misuse of the influence of her office, for retribution, stating an intent to influence branches of local and State public law enforcement and such personnel against said citizen; a violation of North Carolina laws, and a violation of the North Carolina Professional Code of Conduct for members of the Bar; and,

7. As a State Legislator, sworn to uphold the laws of NC, knowingly resided with a known Registered Lobbyist in North Carolina, Teresa Korst Tucker, while knowingly violating District Court orders, accepting undocumented financial and unspecified benefits, ethically violating the spirit and intent of the laws of North Carolina in place to establish a clear separation between Registered Lobbyists and State Legislators, ultimately establishing a possible, permanent ‘conflict of interest’ as to numerous current, proposed and unknown legislation; and,

8. As a State Legislator, and member of the NC Democratic Party, according to sworn testimony, has, on numerous occasions, characterized African-Americans using the ‘N’ word, an insult to millions of good citizens in North Carolina: soiling the reputation of her office; and,

9. As a State Legislator did knowingly and intentionally not pay assessed taxes on several pieces of Real Property in North Carolina, soiling the reputation of her office.

Due to the scope and severity of the issues and concerns above brought forth by citizens of New Hanover County, and the basis of such found in sworn testimony in the public record, we respectfully request a formal response from your office to the above before your appearance on behalf of this elected official in Wilmington on June 24th.


Curtis J. Wright
The Morning Beat

Re: Black pays $1 million fine

So, did 'gov' Sleazely slide in there to officially accept the fine payment to be further distributed to those expecting payoff?

...oops, my bad, he paid to the Wake Co School system? what about Mecklenburg children?

Re: Boseman next?

What's the Boseman scoop lately? I hear she had a fundraiser Tues night at a fancy $2.5 million dollar home in Wimminton...was the protest outside reported?

Re: Black pays $1 million fine

Are all court proceedings related to campaign finance rules to be conducted in Wake County because Wake County is the location of the State Board of Elections amd the rest of state government? The specific charges involved in this case emanated from an incident which took place in Rowan County and not Wake County, did they not?

What if all cases involving citations of N.C. motorists by the N.C. Highway Patrol were requried to take place in the Wake County courts regardless of which counties were the locations of the particular traffic violations cited? If for example on some morning three different individual drivers--say, in Cabarrus, Bertie and Haywood counties--were to be cited for exceeding the posted highway speed limits, and supposing that the drivers involved opted to have court appearances to contest the citations rather than simply going ahead and paying the fines involved, then should all three of these cases be moved from Concord, Windsor and Waynesville to Raleigh because Wake County is the headquarters of the Highway Patrol?

Judicial activity persuant to alleged violations of state law occurring in local North Carolina communities should be under the administration of the courts of each specific county involved in the prosecution of each alleged offense. North Carolina state law applies to all localities, including cities, towns and counties, within the state of North Carolina. State law is valid and applicable in all 100 counties and not just in the home county of the N.C. General Assembly.

Furthermore, state law should spell out sentencing guidelines, including the appropriate range of fines, for all violations of campaign finance laws in this state. There shouldn't be any mystery about the judicial penalties for each type of campaign finance law violation prosecuted by a local county district attorney.

What happened in this case represents a great promotional arrangement for the cities and towns of Wake County in regard to attracting business and industry on the basis of excellence in local public education. Fortunately, the good leaders of Wake County municipalities are considerably more principled than this, but in theory, based on this case, Wake County could tell commercial enterprises interested in relocating to Raleigh and Wake County: just think, payment of court fines for all violations of North Carolina state law from Murphy to Manteo are to be made payable to the Wake County schools no matter where the infractions of the law took place!

So you know Wake County schools will be enjoying a permanent financial advantage over every other local public school district in the state of North Carolina. And since a judge holding court in Wake County doesn't live anywhere near Mecklenburg County in a case involving a state legislator from the county that The N&O loves to hate, then he or she can just make up an exorbitant figure for the amount of the fine, way beyond the normal state-level statutory guidelines anywhere in these United States, pulling in figures of a million dollars or more out of the thinnest layers of the atmosphere if necessary, to really slap one on someone from Mecklenburg who makes a false step and thus bolster the local budgetary support for the teaching of chemistry, math and English in the Wake County schools.

They could even rewrite Shakespeare:

"Fair is foul and foul is fair,
"Bring all your cases to Wake to repair."


"There's something rotten in the State of Mecklenburg."

Or perhaps:

"Romeo, Romeo, where art thou, Romeo?"

"Over here in Raleigh, Juliet, applying for a job teaching drama in the Wake County schools. They just got some extra school funds from New London in Stanly County!"

Now there's a good deal for the home county of North Carolina state government if there ever was one. It's amazing that the NCAE declined to speak up for the right of all local public systems to participate equally in the state campaign finance fine-sharing allocations. Who knows, they might be able to use some new algebra books in Wilkes County one of these days or maybe some William Faulkner stories for Columbus County.

At least the Tar Heel version of the Eifel Tower at Fayetteville's Bordeaux Shopping Center is still to be found in Cumberland County in the heart of Cape Fear Country. Even Lafayette, Montesquieu and Voltaire wouldn't try to move it to Raleigh though they might give Garner or Apex some consideration.

It's like the mountaineer from Western North Carolina who committed a slight faux pas at a dance in Asheville one Saturday night. "Just so they don't hear about it in Raleigh!" he exclaimed.

David McKnight

Re: Black pays $1 million fine

"........mostly in cash handed over in men's bathrooms."

Was Larry Craig around anywhere?

Re: Black pays $1 million fine

Ya gotta "admire" this crook's gall. "..... for the children blah blah blah ..." WHAT A CROCK!

Has Gov Easley issued a statement yet ???? No? I'm SHOCKED!

Boseman next?

The Wilmington Journal seems to think so.

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