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Black leader asks McCrory to take down TV ad he says is racially charged

The leader of the N.C. legislative black caucus is calling on Republican Pat McCrory to take off the air a television commercial featuring a former county sheriff who blamed race for his failed re-election bid.

Wilson County Sheriff Wayne Gay, who is white, lost the 2010 Democratic primary to a former SBI agent, who is black, by 24 points. Gay, who switched to the Republican Party after his loss, said race played a role. "Ninety-eight percent of them voted based on race. They didn't vote based on qualifications," he told a TV station at the time.

In a letter to McCrory, Democratic state Sen. Floyd McKissick said he was appalled by the campaign commerical. "This ad, with this script, featuring this man was no accident. He triggers a racial cue that has no place in this campaign," McKissick wrote. "The ad featuring Wayne Gay is offensive and plays upon fear. Thus, I call on you to take it down."

McCrory's campaign did not immediately return a message about whether he would comply or whether he knew about Gay's racially tinged remarks.

McKissick noted in his letter that McCrory hired Fred Davis as his advertising consultant. Davis drew controvsery for a proposal to attack President Barack Obama by using Rev. Jeremiah Wright, the controversial pastor. "The Miami Herald said these ads were designed “to fire up the bigots” and were “playing the race card,'" McKissick wrote. "Mitt Romney denounced the idea. You declined to do so, even though you employ Fred Davis."

McKissick ended his letter by asking McCrory to "pledge to run a campaign that will avoid racial divisions of any kind.”


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The only problem with your theory....

.. is that I'm not a Democrat. Sorry to cloud your stereotypical view of the world! 


Blacks aren't too stupid its people like you with vastly little understanding off NC history that get it wrong. Today's Repuiblican Party are the same dixiecrat democrats that Strom Thurman and Jessie Helm converted to Republicans as part of Richard Nixon's Southern strategy. Hate is hate and by the tone of your message you're part of the club. Read Paul Luebke's Tar Heel politics and open your mind!

WHY do most blacks still support the party of SLAVERY?

Are they too stupid to KNOW which 'party' emancipated their ancestors?

Are they too stupid to KNOW about the heinous VIOLENCE perpetrated against them by the democrat founded KKK ???

HOW can the blacks continue to vote for those who USE them to the fullest?

Your words say it all.

Your own words are the best example of whats wrong with the democrat party and our so called education system today.They speak volumns.

Wayne Gay still doesn't get it

And what Wayne Gay does not get is that it wasn't just black folks that voted him out.  And if the election were held today, Calvin Woodard would win by an even larger amount.  Wayne Gay has way to much negative baggage and what Pat McCrory was thinking in using him in an ad shows just where he does stand on racism.  That is really not a smart move Mr. Pat McCrory.  It would be great if this newspaper would print just what Wayne Gay said on the night he lost the election.  This is the kind of person you use in your ad.  That is called desperation.  How very sad and how very motivating to know just where you stand.  Calvin Woodard is doing a fine job and we are finally proud here in Wilson County to have a Sheriff that makes us proud.

What's wrong? The racist GOP, that's what's wrong.

There's nothing wrong with that picture, mrpoon, except what's wrong within the GOP. Most black voters vote for Democratic candidates because way too many Republican candidates are racists who will not represent their interests. Not to mention the national GOP efforts to disenfranchise black voters through bogus Voter ID laws. Why should it surprise anyone that black voters don't vote Republican? They aren't stupid (lower economic class white voters who support the GOP apparently are stupid, however, since they are totally voting against their own economic interests).

Race card

Blacks vote 98% for just about all democrat candidates.What is wrong with that picture?

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