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Bill would define kosher, halal

Larry ShawA bill would set state standards for kosher and halal food.

Sen. Larry Shaw, a Fayetteville Democrat, said he filed the bill after hearing from Jews and Muslims who were concerned about sales of foods that meet strict religious requirements.

The state would not directly certify the food, but it would require that anything advertised as kosher or halal be approved by private religious organizations that are involved in certification.

"This is really just about truth in labeling," he said. "You cannot represent that this food is kosher or halal unless it meets the standards recognized in the industry." 

Both kosher and halal food must come from animals that were properly slaughtered in processes that were overseen by rabbis and imams. 

Shaw, the only Muslim in the state legislature, said he travels to a halal slaughterhouse in Siler City to prepare his own lamb about once a year. 

He introduced a similar bill in the legislature last year. 


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Re: Bill would define kosher, halal

Oh no...separation of church and state! Where is the outrage.

Ok - all sarcasm aside. Seriously? Unemployment approaching 10%, huge budget shortfall, people losing homes and he's working on this?

Priorities people!

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