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Bill Faison's daughter speaks up after divorce reported

State Rep. Bill Faison, who is running for governor, held a press conference Thursday morning touting his agenda.

At the end, his daughter, Courtney Faison, took the podium. "Some of the media asked on Monday about negative campaigning and I'd like to address that issue now if I can," she began.

Her comments -- the first of their kind in her father's campaign -- came after an N&O article discussed how her father's messy divorce is likely to play in the Democratic primary for governor and followed closely with a letter to the editor she wrote in Thursday's newspaper.

"I love my dad and support him 100 percent in every way, as do my brother's and sister," she continued. "He made a very difficult decision for our family, and for the safety and well being of my brothers and sister, to leave his marriage. And he did that knowing that there may be some retaliation over that and there has been. But I admire and respect him for doing that. He put us first and always puts his kids first. I just wanted to put that out there, that we admire him and respect him a great deal and hope everyone else does as well for having done that. He stands up for us and we stand up for him as well. Thank you."

Asked to clarify her comments in her letter to the editor about her father's safety in the marriage, Courtney Faison said her father has celiac disease, an allergy to wheat. "My step-mother deliberately would make things that had that in it, which would make him sick. So it was this very scary situation," she said.


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LOL Lindy

You are a step monster in every sense of the word. Your secrets are out hon, pack it in


I am a family friend and I will always stick up for you. Your Dad is a great guy and he has a list of clients and others who will attest to it. Your step mother started this and even though you care about her, she did start it and is on here now but  many of us will stand for you. 

Ignore the fools on here for they have no life but to try to get in yours. Pity them.

get a life Lindy

get to work on your next prey and careful poisoning people - the next time may cost you your freedom

Talk about feeling bad

Your dad makes me feel bad... when I think of him possibly running our State. Thankfully the real polls show that he hasn't a chance.

well...he has mine. But

well...he has mine. But maybe  (definitely) I am slightly more informed. Everyone hates lawyers until they need one.  By the do not have to be blood related to love someone.  Step parents are still family.


Dear Kam,

I don't know who you are but I really appreciate you standing up for me and my family. Thank you :). It is tough when people like Phoenix pick on you. It is really nice to have someone stand up for you in the face of misinformed adversity. Phoenix made me feel very bad and you really made me feel better. My dad is a good guy and I really appreciate your input on that. I can't thank you enough.

calling me other names Lindy will not make me go away

LOL. Lindy. If you think about who I may be, you will figure it out. I know you too well.

I am a long time friend if the family

Quit slinging accusations. I have known Courtney her entire life. You have not.
Mind your own business. Go to church and repent. I know nothing if the campsign just their hearts snd I know you know nothing if that. If you did you would know Courtney has many many friends. I will invite them all to come here is I do choose. Sling your crap somewhere else and mind your own family if you have one

Calm down kams52

Go back and read my original post. I commented only on Faison's character. I said nothing unkind about his children. This is about a man who wants to lead the people of this state. In that regard his character is up for scrutiny. I stand by what I said. Stop trying to divert attention from the real issue. Kams52 sounds alot like one of Bonds many alias'. And there are many!

Keep in mind

You are a no one who knows nothing. The fact is the kids were in danger and left with their dad. Take it up with their mom and leave them alone
Only the lowest life firms insert themselves in a family and the lowest life forms cast judgments in others. Heal yourself!
Leave a daughter alone. Her siblings support her and they all support their dad
Get out of their life snd let then heal.
You and thus paper are despicable low lifes who stop st nothing to hurt kids
It's Sunday, go to church and heal yourself

What a dummy you are

She printed a letter and made a statement on the same day. What a big dummy you are. Of course they are the same. It is called the truth from a daughter. She has her own job and does not work for her Dad missy know nothing. They all say they stand by each other. Try talking to them when they are with him. Qhat a demon you are picking at a daughter. I hope you have no kids. The lowest of the lows picks at a daughter. Get a life.

a pack of lies

That a mother put out there about the father of her children and then wonders why her children do not live with her. Who is trying to police anyone? There is a comment about insensitivity. Facts and opinions? What facts do you have? None. The fact is these poor kids have a bad mother.


Bonds, Faison chose to put himself in the spotlight. If unflattering truths come out, he has no one to blame but himself. Facts and opinions based on those facts are not dictated by you. Stop trying to police everyone's comments. There is nothing untrue in what I said.


Reminder that your comments are particularly insensitive for a young high school student who lives with his Dad. 

Keep In Mind ...

Keep in mind that Faison is a trial lawyer who has spent his career bending and molding the facts in order to lead people to the conclusion he wants them to reach. This is no different. He, and others on his behalf, are saying he left his wife for the safety of his children. Were they actually in any danger or is Faison trying to lead us to that conclusion with his comment. Also keep in mind that Courtney is not the daughter of the woman from whom this "messy divorce" is taking place. From the stories in the N&O it seems that he has at least two ex-wives and a business that is in a steady decline. This tells the story of a man who has made one bad decision after another in his personal and professional life. Now he wants to RUN THE STATE. Not on my vote.


Looks like this is a Faison "scripted" comment. It's exactly what Courtney wrote as a comment in the N&O article about her Dad's messy divorce... and she even stole a line from her Dad's comments in the article, paraphrased of course, regarding how "He stands up for us and we stand up for him as well". We all know she's on her Dad's payroll, so no one is really fooled by her "standing by her man"...

Read more here: 

Can you imagine???????????

Can you imagine the media attention this story would get if the candidate happened to be a Republican???????


What do you think?  A special edition each day?  Tabloids in the grocery stores?  A special lotto game?

Thank heaven this is a Democrat so we will probably hear no more about it.

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