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Betts: Will Easley nod matter?

Jack Betts wonders how much Mike Easley's endorsement of Hillary Clinton matters.

In a post on This Old State, the Charlotte Observer editor writes that Easley won two elections as governor without the sort of political organization that former governors built and shunned the usual grassroots party building once in office.

His popularity has rested with TV ads and broadcast appearances. 

But there’s relatively little organization — he couldn't even get his choice selected chairman of the state Democratic Party several years ago. There’s even less now that Easley is going out of office in a few months and apparently is not all that interested in running for further public office or even serving in the new administration in Washington.

Betts also wonders if Easley is gunning for a D.C. appointment.


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Re: Betts: Will Easley nod matter?

With all due respect to Gov. Easley, he has no "machine", unless you consider his woodworking machine in his basement. Former Gov. Hunt still has a larger "machine" after all these years.

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