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Berger: We expect the governor to uphold the Constitution

Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger has responded to Gov. Pat McCrory's defiance in the face of the two veto overrides the General Assembly handed the governor.

Berger cited the specific section of the state Constitution that requires the governor to execute the laws the legislature passes.

"All governors, without regard to party, swear an oath to uphold the Constitution," Berger said. "We expect Gov. McCrory to perform his constitutional duty to enforce the law."

McCrory said he would not enforce the new law requiring drug testing of some welfare recipients until the legislature finds the money to pay for it. And he said there would be additional legal scrutiny of the new law making it easier to hire immigrant employees.

The governor's comments came soon after the Senate overrode McCrory's veto, and Berger told reporters he thought legislators and the governor had a "remarkable" record of cooperating in passing legislation into law this year.


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Don't hold your breath

Holding the governor to the Constitution??? Novel concept for this one.

Maybe the legislators should dole out some more defeats and show the governor they won't be bullied around.

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