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Berger calls on Hagan to reverse stand on Syrian strike

State Senate leader Phil Berger, on Tuesday urged U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan to break with President Obama and take a stand against the president’s plan to intervene in Syria.

Berger, a Republican who is considering challenging Hagan, a Democrat, criticized Hagan's support for an air strike.

“We know Kay Hagan has blindly followed President Obama’s lead at nearly every turn of her disappointing U.S. Senate career, but by doing so now she is putting members of our armed forces at risk and further damaging America’s reputation around the world,” Berger said.

“I oppose President Obama’s call for intervention because it’s a blank check designed to help the president salvage his waning credibility,'' Berger said. "Kay Hagan should think for herself and for the people of North Carolina.”

UPDATE: Sadie Weiner, Hagan's communications director said: "Senator Hagan has received classified briefings and met with the Defense Secretary and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and after seeing the evidence that Assad gassed his own people, including hundreds of innocent children, she joined a bipartisan group of senators including her North Carolina colleague Richard Burr in supporting a targeted military strike without boots on the ground.''

"Issues, especially those of national security, have never been about politics for Senator Hagan, and Phil Berger needs to learn when to stop playing political games,'' Weiner said."


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Kay is a loyal Democrat

Kay is a loyal Democrat and will support the Party line rather than the people of North Carolina. So will Burr. He is a loyal Democrat isn't he?

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