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Berger: Budget delay is incompetence

Senate Republican leader Sen. Phil Berger said it's another example of Democrat's incompetence that the state doesn't have a budget 14 days into the fiscal year.

"For the average person, when they have a deadline and they need to get something done, they are held accountable," said Berger, an Eden Republican, at the weekly Republican news conference.

House and Senate Democrats, who control both chambers, are engaged in tough negotiations over how to balance the budget when the state is facing a steep drop in revenue. Democrats agree on the need to raise up to $1 billion in new taxes to avoid what they say would be devastating cuts to education and social services. They don't agree on which taxes to raise.

Republicans say new taxes will hurt state residents and the economy and the state should cut its way out of the budget crisis.

On Monday, the Senate adopted its version of a stopgap measure that would give lawmakers more time to finalize a budget. The current temporary measure expires Wednesday.

Gov. Beverly Perdue, a Democrat, has urged lawmakers to quickly adopt a budget to avoid losing as much as $5 million a day in new taxes and budget cuts.

Rep. Paul Stam, an Apex Republican and the House minority leader, says that's a good thing. While he said the state needs a budget and needs one quickly, every day that passes is another day that state residents don't have to pay new taxes.

"There's a silver lining to the dark cloud," Stam said.


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Re: Berger: Budget delay is incompetence

the democrats have controlled this state for years and have accomplished very little in my opinion.

Re: Berger: Budget delay is incompetence

sorry for the comment.

Re: Berger: Budget delay is incompetence

Comment deleted for inappropriate content. BN

Re: Berger: Budget delay is incompetence

Skip Stam has already come out dozens of times to say we need to go to a zero based budget system. This way you will always start with the NEEDED state programs and eventually weed out the unnecessary expenses like a Education CEO. And a Department of Cultural Resources budget that has extra money to send the former state first family and security detail to Europe. I bet those $60 Cheeseburgers were tasty.

In a budget that has far outpaced the growth in population, we can certainly find vast amounts of waste without affecting needed items like Education, State Police, Natural Resources, Roads, and Disaster Preparedness.

Apparently we have two bodies of Democratic politicians who cannot find their way out of a wet paper bag. That is a harsh statement but one that is needed in this time of budget incompetence. A majority of these taxes will hit the working class and are regressive.

Re: Berger: Budget delay is incompetence

Platitudes and generalizations, no specific cuts proposed. Thanks for proving my point, genius.

Re: Berger: Budget delay is incompetence

Maybe republicans do grandstand alittle but the real problem is all you do nothings out there want the state and the feds to take care of you. You don't want to see your precious programs cut. If all you cry babies would get off your butts and find a job we would not be in this mess to began with. I was taught if you want something go out and work for it. But our socialist democratic goverment has brain washed you all into beleiving the goverment is your nanny and she will take care of you. Get a life.

Re: Berger: Budget delay is incompetence

Hey, at your next "weekly Republican news conference," how about giving some suggestions, Mr. Berger?

Republicans never offer any real solutions, it's just complaining and grandstanding. Ask them for a suggestion and you get vague platitudes about "cutting spending" but no ideas where. They don't give a rats hindquarters about North Carolina, all they care about is generating soundbites for the next election.

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