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Beau Biden takes shot at Mitt Romney, hits Gov. Bev Perdue

Beau Biden, the son of the Democratic vice president, went "off script," as he called it, to fire a shot a Republican Mitt Romney but hit Gov. Bev Perdue at the same time.

At the N.C. Democratic Party's annual fundraising dinner, Biden mentioned that Romney didn't seek a second term as Massachusetts governor, suggesting his failed economic policies hurt him. "I've never met a successful politician who didn't run again," said Biden, the Delaware attorney general.

The crowd collectively groaned. Biden's line sounded similar to what Republicans say about another governor who isn't seeking re-election: North Carolina Democrat Bev Perdue.



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This is zero surprise

Any moron paying attention from the day she stumbled into office knows she has been THE MOST pathetic Governor EVER TO SERVE!

Now maybe the voters who are responsible for putting us last in the nation because of her election will have their voter cards taken away and be jailed for 4 years to see how they like it!

Romney "Quote"

Sorry Bub. The man never uttered that statement. Google it.The man does not have an ego that would allow him to say that. Don't believe everything your hear.

Then you proceed to launch into Romney and his kids, showing your true colors. 

Regarding Beau, he too showed himself to be a stranger to the truth, just like ol' Pops, by uttering that false quote. Bumbles Biden Sr. has said enough ridiculous things to fill an encyclopedia, with a whole other set to cover the lies.

By the way, Patton. You do realize that Jr.'s Dad got FIVE draft deferments between 1963-'68 before he was declared unfit because of "childhood asthma." Awe shucks! Imagine how tough it was on Joey to chase girls, get drunk, and maybe attend class, while knowing his peers were fighting and dying in Vietnam. Must have broke his heart.

And of course, the President's military record is as sterling as his...his...what? Oh! He never joined either. He was waaay too cool for us fools. (He and I are the same age. Yes, I volunteered. Twice.) 

No, sitting behind a desk checking names off of a terrorist hit list, (really must make him feel like a genuine Chicago boss!), then letting the military do the deadly work, and YOU claiming the credit, doesn't count.

We all know deep down he despises the military, based on his past statements and, um, "upbringing" in the ways of Socialism and Marxism. 

Question for b_actor - Did YOU volunteer for military service? I really hope so, because if not I'm afraid your comments about Romney's kids just jumped back up and bit you in the ass.

The ONLY thing Biden's been successful at...

is politics.  He's a mush-headed idiot who inherited his father's Senate seat and is as incompetent a politician as we have in DC, outpaced only by the likes of Hank Johnson and on par with the idiocy of Nancy Pelosi.  God--PLEASE SAVE US from "successful politicians" if that's what Joe Biden represents.


It's safe to say that "Baby Biden's" comments, greatly advance the theory that stupidy has a genetic component...

I was deployed to the same

I was deployed to the same location as he was. I was disgusted one day when we were tasked to pull security while he got to eat lunch with his father while he was visiting there as well. I wish my dad could of came and visited me on the taxpayers dime. It's just a face for his political future.

Beau Biden

Sounds like you prefer the 5 Romney sons as smarter and more patriotic than Beau.

When running for the nomination in 2008, Mittens was asked why none of his 5 handsome, healthy

sons ever served in the military. His reply was classic Romney Ego - "My sons are doing the most patriotic

thing possible, working to elect ME president. Patriotic, because I am much more American than any Democrat."

What an embarressment he is to equate his 5 ever-grinning sons racing around the country in limos and private jets, in support of their fraud Dad, with putting your life on the line fighting in Iraq as B. Biden and so many others did.

Always the loudmouth bomb-thrower he advocates attacking Iran, Pakistan, and later, RUSSIA, so long as someone else's sons, not his, do the fighting.  How dispicable.

Beau Biden

Please don't denigrate anyone's military service.  Beau did serve in Iraq for a year as a JAG officer after being elected AG in Delaware.  He doesn't claim hero status.  He is deserving of the same respect as anyone who spent a year serving our country over there. 

As for his gaffe, all he did was inadvertently speak the truth about NC's current governor.   I much prefer Joe Biden III (Beau) to his father, Joe Biden , Jr.   Beau is a better lawyer than his father and has proved to be a decent attorney general here in Delaware.   


What does Beau do for a living.  His dad has a job until early January, then HE is unemployeed.

Ouch is Right

The Nut obviously does not fall far from the tree.


This guy is one of the best arguments for making Norplant mandatory!


Yet, they unerringly seem to always land on their heads...

It only matters if anyone in the national democratic party...

...cared about Governor Perdue, which they don't. They "encouraged" her not to run. Heck, most everything the repubs say about Obama can be said about Romney, too. It is all interchangeable parts and scripted "one liners" and the truth all lives in a very distant place.

Beau Biden

Later, Vice President Joe Biden commented after having spoken to his son on Father's Day.

He'd grown up just like me

My beau is just like me

An idiot

Chip off the Olde Block

After reading all the comments posted on this story, I have to agree with everyone.

While most people like to talk about the acorn not falling far from the tree, I like the Northern saying the best" A chip off the Olde Blockhead"!

Beau Biden

The moron doesn't fall far from the tree.

cover up

As AG of Delaware, Beau biden orchestrated the arrest etc of Larry Sinclair... Obama owes joe and son a big one  !!!

Larry Sinclair wrote a book and explained what happened in a limo with Barry...


What were his parents expecting a Schnauzer?

BIDEN DEFENDER - "Off the cuff"? You mean "Out of his ass."

Off the cuff? You must mean "out of his "'

who's talking?

Beau did go to Iraq for a year. How many of us did?

The "blood & guts" & "heroic" phrases are from the detractor, to detract. 

biden defender

Joe Biden is picked on as sport, but deserves better. Give him credit for not being afraid to speak off the cuff, often, and tell it like he sees it.

As for son, Beau, his remark was to help Obama in November. Huring Bev is moot. She just needs to lump it. 

Beau "Blood & Guts" Biden

Beau "Blood & Guts" Biden spent his heroic year in Iraq teaching law in the green zone while McCain's and Palin's kids were deployed in combat zones.

Different from other politician's sons

At least Beau Biden didn't shirk his duty to the US when called upon, he served a year in Iraq.  

I hope your last name isn't BIDEN

Wouldn't it be awful to have Biden as your last name?

The Biden Comedy Team

I see Beau is another mental giant like his father and they both have that same goofy expression on their face.


There is something called pride you know,when you spend your entire life as a LIAR and DAM fool like Binden that is NOT something to be proud about or past on to your grand-children. Your second statement is just a dam silly statement 0bama isn't getting re-elected as it is, NOW you want to add the 2nd/3rd most hated people to the most hated man in this Nation. Oh that will WORK!

Joe Biden

Joe Biden dumb? You know, I'm not so certain of that; dumb as a fox, maybe. You don't survive politics for as long as he has survived politics without a little bit of smart. But, I suspect that some of the remarks Biden has made have been, intentionally, directed at putting the President on the hot seat. It's pretty clear that, like Kennedy and Johnson, there ain't much love being lost between the Biden and Obama families and, if given half a chance, Joe could find himself being replaced, on the ticket, by Jarrett or, believe it or not, Holder. 

Everyone doesn't mindlessly follow the stand up comic labels

Biden the VP, is as sharp as anyone in the administration, and the most openly honest, but the media has used him for ridicule, at first, out of fear of picking on Obama, but then as standard fare. Joe is does speak off the cuff and thus does get some foot in mouth, but if Obama were as candid he'd be worse. Do I need to list the 'dumb' quotes  by Obama from "my Muslim faith" to "57 states" and a lot more? Biden should be lauded for his candid nature. 

As for his son's remark, which is TRUE, it only helps to distance Obama from Perdue come  November. Does anyone think it isn't true, and that Bev was a successful governor. She took on the job in recession, which she was not geared up to do, and probably didn't enjoy being the one to cut spending. NC needs decisive leadership that can ignore popularity polls in these hard times. 

Beau Biden

This is a pure case of Dumb and Dumber the ONLY real problem is will Dumb some day become dumber than dumber. What will you than call a man dumber than dumber?


Obviously Joe Biden's, "smart genes" were passed on to the son. Another lifetime, do-nothing politican in the making!

Reply to Beachbum

Your user name says alot about you and your comments.  I see that you are following your Muslim leader, in the continuation of blaming former President George W. Bush, for everything that has happened in the last 3 1/2 years under the Obama administration.  Did you know that the use of the phase "working classes" mirrors the communist's use of that phrase?  Do you have a job, or are you on the "dole"?  Also, you should have stayed in school another 4 years to learn spelling,  composition and when to capitalize.  Also, you should not have written, "beau has got a brain", you should have written, "beau has a brain", which I disagree.  It's ignorant people like you who vote for Gypsies, liars, thieves and politicians who pander to the uneducated.   My suggestion to you is that you should attend night school, to study for the next GED test that will be given by your local high school school or college.  Do America a favor, don't breed or vote.

Second generation plagerism

Second generation plagerism at work.  You've heard all this before!!  Nothing new here.  Move along.

Oh, hell...

Joe made another one...

The apple does not fall far

The apple does not fall far from the tree !   Brilliant !   LMFAO

No WMD?!?

Wow Rich 34952...where have you been?  Of course WMD were outlined in a NY Post article that is 2-year' old! Just go to the NY Post website and put in "US DID find Iraq WMD" and you'll see this has been around for along time.  Get your facts straight if you're going to make some sort of a credible statement!

Reply to packman:

Joe Biden was picked by the Muslim for his foreign affairs experience.  How funny is that?  Yes, packman, this gift will give Mitt Romney the election in November and the White House in 2013.  God save our Nation! 

Beau Biden

Both Bidens always put their foot in their mouth, just before they speak.  How Joe Biden became a long term U.S. Senator and now a VP of the U.S. is beyond my comprehension.  It's one thing to vote for your party's nominee, but to vote for an half wit makes you an idiot.  Enjoy the next 7 months Joe, because next January you and the Muslim will be offically fired and will be added to the unemployment statistics.

deja vu

Like Doggy Daddy use to say about Augey Doggy - that's my boy!

Perpetual Gift

The Biden's are the Gift that keeps on Giving!

RE;beau biden

 well at the least  beau has got a brain of his own an he doesnt have to have karl rove an cheney to be his brain. remember the weapons of mass destruction that were to  never found to exist in the first place. an he an his father have demostrated that they have compassion an feeling of  the working classes of this country. an not for some non-person coporate enitys that is only concerned with their own bottom lines an that is all that effect them is their profits an their bottom line for they care not even for their own employees. thank you

Biden mis-speak

The acorn doesn't fall far from the tree.



I have said from day one of her adminstration that she should have been recalled an replaced for she has only  been a D.I.N.O. her whold adminstration an has given into all of business demands across this state  an  she has given into business demands so much so that she needs to changed her political affiliaction to read republican instead of democrat.  her actions speak for her in my opinion.  she has allowed for the selling off of various state government agency an the total privatiavation of many  agency  as well still to benefit the coporate instrest in each an every case for sure. she has allowed for there to be giveaways in the form of incentives to business enitys an has gotten nothing in return for the taxpayers dollars that she gave away to them in the form of jobs or nothing else. she should be riden out of town on a rail an tared an feathered as well for her actions of her adminstration. she has also allowed for the republican to have total control over personnel issues within the ncdot an she has allowed for there to be payment of false claims to contracting enitys that should have never been paid out in the first place for bad non-specefication work  that was performed . she also need to terminate mr gene conti from the ncdot as well in my opinion an then replced him with some out of the ranks o fthe ncdot a mustanger that came up in the ranks that has both the experience an knowledge to run the ncdot without him having to be a p.e. thank you

One Term Public Servants

One term public servants now that is an idea.  Give them 5 years and then thats it without a 5-10 year break.

Bush was bad but not protected like these guys

Oh and lets not forget when Lyndon Johnson decided not to run again for the 1968 election.  So is Biden saying that Johnson was unsucessful.  On that we agree too.

If Biden was off the ticket Obamas numbers would rise.

Beau Biden afflicted with dad's logorrhea virus?

No doubt Joe appreciates the Father's Day gift - i.e., Beau's mimickry of Dad's **s-hattery.

... Just sayin' ...


Funny.  I guess this proves that "Du mb A s s" is a genetically inherited condition.


The Bidens: internationally known as a family of morons.

Bozo Jr.

Chip off the old block...

Beau Biden

Well it runs in the family. Run your mouth before you engage your brain.

He is right

Perdue is not a successful politician.  She will go down in history as  the worst governor we have ever had and the head of a totally failed administration.

Like Father.....

Like Father.... like son.

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