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Batchelor running for Wake House seat

Todd Batchelor, a former finance director for the N.C. Republican Party, plans to run for state House District 41 which until recently was held by Democrat Ty Harrell.

The Republican nominee would likely challenge Democrat Chris Heagarty, who was recently named to the House seat, after Harrell's resignation, Rob Christensen reports.

The Wake County seat is regarded as a swing seat that had been held for years by Republican Russell Capps before Harrell's victory in 2006.

"North Carolinians are hungry for change in leadership in Raleigh," Batchelor said in a statement. "People are sick and tired of politicians that consistently raise their taxes and spend their hard earned money irresponsibly. I will be a solid consistent voice for fiscal conservatism and job creation."

Among other issues, Batchelor supports lifting the cap on charter schools.

He was the 2004 Republican nominee for Congress against Democratic Rep. David Price. He is currently legislative chief of staff for Republican state Rep. David Lewis of Dunn. Lewis pays Batchelor with his own money, and his duties include a range of jobs from assisting with constitutent services to helping with fundraisers, Batchelor said.

Update: Post now accurately states that Batchelor would have to win the nomination to challenge Heagarty. Post now also clarifies that Batchelor is not paid by the state.


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Re: Batchelor running for Wake House seat

If one were to be chief of staff wouldn't there need to be another person over whom that person is chief? Otherwise, you're just "staff."

Re: Batchelor running for Wake House seat

Isn't he the ONLY staff to Rep. David Lewis?

Re: Batchelor running for Wake House seat

It's Heagarty, not Heagerty.

Re: Batchelor running for Wake House seat

there only two members of the general assembly with chiefs of staff.
one of them is not a rep. from dunn

Re: Batchelor running for Wake House seat

Ha ha, PJ. Already fixed it. — BN

I'm just glad they're not Austria

for a change in leadership.

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