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Attack ad hits David Rouzer for his ties to lobbyists, makes questionable claim

A Democratic super PAC hit David Rouzer with another attack advertisement Wednesday, highlighting his ties to lobbyists.

The House Majority PAC -- which is trying to return the U.S. House to Democratic control -- is airing a 30-second spot called "Stinks" aiming to weaken Rouzer and boost Democratic incumbent Mike McIntyre. It's part of a $2.2 million nationwide TV buy in six competitive districts; no information was provided about the local buy.

The ad is a bit misleading on at least one part that cites a N&O article. The ad says that Rouzer took "thousands from lobbyists and let them rewrite his legislation."

The N&O article does note that Rouzer changed a bill at a lobbyist's behest but it doesn't not mention him getting money from lobbyists for doing so. It's also illegal for state lobbyists to give state legislative candidates campaign donations.

But given that Rouzer was running for Congress, he could receive them. A quick review of federal campaign finance records finds no donations to Rouzer from the lobbyists who represented the group in question, Alcatel-Lucent. (A point the House Majority PAC conceded in an email.) But they did note that Rouzer receive about $25,000 from other lobbying and governement affairs interests.


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Yessir......we have a choice between two career politicians in this district this year....whoever loses the election will go on to be a lobbyist......we, as taxpayers, lose either way!

Career politicians breed lies and corruption. Vote them out or they and their cronies either die in or retire from public office. Option win, option lose.

Career politicians are the root cause for the problems plauging The United States of America today.

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