Under the Dome

At new legislature, less reading and more meeting

In the constant jockeying for space in the Legislative Building, books lost out to talk.

The library in the Legislative Building is no more. The former library, which straddles the House and Senate sides of the building, has been divided and turned into a conference room on the Senate side and into an office and conference room for Rep. Ruth Samuelson of Mecklenburg County on the House side. Samuelson has a new position within the GOP House caucus as conference leader.

The library in the Legislative Building was something of an annex. The library in the Legislative Office Building across the street had more books, research materials and staff.

The former library was handy, though, for checking legislators' statements of economic interest, finding legislative committee reports, and tracking down historical information on votes.

Materials from the Legislative Building library that the bigger library already had were tossed. The big library got the rest. Legislators divvied up the bookcases.

There's no final cost for the renovation because the Senate conference room tables aren't in yet. We'll check back.

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