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At N.C. Democratic Party convention, Obama campaign appears absent

UPDATED: Amid all the campaign signs at the state Democratic Party convention Saturday afternoon, one is conspicuously absent: Obama for America.

The only signs touting President Barack Obama in the convention hall are vendors selling buttons and T-shirts. The Obama campaign doesn't appear to have a table, or an organized presence at the event, where more than 1,200 party members are gathered.

A number of Democrats privately note the absence as odd, but the Obama campaign apparently dismisses the notion. "Obama campaign is working. We are talking to voters about moving our economy #forward," said Michael Halle, the general election director for the president's North Carolina campaign, in a tweet from his personal account.

"This weekend our volunteers are organizing in their communities through multiple voter registration drives across the state and discussing important issues of importance to North Carolinians such as jobs and education," added spokesman Cameron French.

Instead of participating in the day-long state convention, the Obama campaign organized a "Day of Action" that included registering voters and neighborhood canvassing.

A state Democratic Party spokesman said Obama's state campaign manager, Lindsay Siler, appeared at a Democratic women's breakfast Saturday morning before the convention started. "They've got every vote in that room and they are out expanding our universe," said Walton Robinson with the state Democratic Party.

Still, Republicans suggest the limited Obama presence is another sign of rift between the president's camp and the N.C. Democratic Party, given the party's ongoing sexual harassment scandal and Chairman David Parker's refusal to step down. 

Such a suggestion is too simple -- ignoring the fact that the two operate independently -- but the absence seems to reinforce the storyline that national Democrats and the Obama campaign are working around Parker and the state party.

At the Republican convention, Mitt Romney signs were numerous and three big-name GOPers -- Donald Trump, Tim Pawlenty and Rick Perry -- touted the nominee's credentials.

The featured Democratic Party speaker is Beau Biden, the son of Vice President Joe Biden and Delaware's attorney general. Democratic observer Gary Pearce suggests the mid-level Obama campaign surrogate is an under-whelming choice.


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What an ignorant article and commentary

Most of the Democrats at the NC Democratic State Covention were, gasp, Democrats and working for OFA and Obama, full steam ahead.  John Franks has to be stupid in this regard, what did he expect?  The majority there not looking to pick bones with the other lamestream media vultures are Democrats working for OFA.  And to cite Pearce, a real hack, states that the author has no credible sources, including the lies and innuendo about some scandal - Hey Frank did you even see that Sallie Leslie recanted unqualifiedly?  Naw, why left a few facts ruin your crusade on behalf of the Republicans?  And Biden, well he did himself proud, your petty comments aside.  Sounds like someone better send Frank a McGory (sp) t-shirt.  And do not color him objective at all.

OFA's absence suggests many things... suggests that the rank and file recognize that while it's important to re-elect Barack Obama in November, his race is one of but hundreds on the ballot across the state.  Being too Obamacentric cost us our historic majority in 2010 in NC and around the country.  This follows the historic vote to reject Parker's resignation in May - the NCDP grassroots activists want to run our own Party. 

And the choice of Biden as a speaker reflects the recognition that he's more the future of our Party than any other speaker.  For all the talk about Obama, win or lose in November he'll be history - relegated to an "elder statesman" role in his early 50's.  He'll be a "semi-retired" for the rest of his life.  He won't run again, and if grassroots Democrats are smart, they'll reject the massive paradigm shift that re-directed the Democratic Party from party-building to "rock-star" candidate promotion.  That may have got Obama elected in 2008, but he had little to no coat-tails in 2008.  That strategy failed miserably in 2010. 

The retention of Parker at the May 12 SEC meeting was a loud war-cry to the "electeds", candidates, consultants and big-money donors that the activists are taking our Party BACK from them.  Hopefully we'll turn back in the direction that Howard Dean and Jerry Meek took us from 2005 through 2008.  Think of how far we could have come if we would have continued in that direction, instead of gutting the 50-state and 100-county plans in June 2008?  Think of how much misery the new direction took us by losing a historic 112 year-old home field advantage here in NC, as well as the rest of the country? 

But if anyone knows about losing, it's Gary Pearce.  Many Democrats stopped listening to Gary Pearce when he consulted for Jim Hunt's 1984 US Senate campaign.  Hunt lost to Jesse Helms - who was advised by Carter Wrenn.  Now Pearce works for Carter Wrenn and spends most of his time denigrating the Democratic Party and its candidates.  Really makes one wonder why Democrats chose to listen to this guy - I mean what winning track record does he have to rest his laurels on?


Amamzing that NC is such an "essential"  swing state for the Dems and the Obama machine won't even show up at their party convention.  Wonder who was there besides Beau and the paid blogger? Where's Wally?  Need some fresh material from down East for sure, just repeats of the same old lies and allegations against McCrory.  I'm sure the excitement ran high at the convention, patting each other on the back for putting NC in the lower 1/3 of all states when graded  for business, another 4 years of a Democrat in the mansion and we could perhaps be the absolute worst, think about that when you step into the booth in November. We need McCrory, new ideas and proven plans for solid growth and his experience in private sector, not the tax and spend program we have had.

Paid blogger's stories are real old

I have not heard anything good about Wally Dalton from Wilmington Democrat and instead is spouting lies about McCrory's work in private enterprise - Wally has no experience in private enterprise or recruiting businesses. Plus, like Obama, he/she blames everything on Bush.  Take some responsibility yourself for the lousy situation that the NC dems have put us in. 

Pat McCrory works for the

Pat McCrory works for the biggest lobbying firm in Charlotte. His co-workers are lobbyists registered to work on behalf of special interests before the North Carolina General Assembly. Pat McCrory works for a firm whose parent company was sued by the shareholders for illegal actions.

Pat McCrory said George W. would be a great President. When George W. left, the US was losing 700,000 jobs per month. His own Secretary of State apologizes for the 10 year war in Iraq that took the lives of 5,000 US soldiers. His Treasury Secretary gave $750 billion to investment banks like AIG, JP Morgan, Morgan stanley etc.


Worst of all, George W's national security team handed him a memo in Auguts of 2001 that siad the CIA was picking up "chatter" that terrorists were going to hijack planes and fly them into buildings. George W. read the memo and went out and chopped wood on his farm.

Does North Carolina really want a Charlotte lobbyist as it's Governor?

North Carolina Democrats

The Democrats in North Carolina held power too long for their own good.

They fell victim to all the usual afflictions of dynastic rule: nepotism, incest, corruption, decay and dissolution. Even within the party, there was little competition as the Basnight-Rand cabal held sway for over a generation and so the party's electoral offerings grew weaker and less inspiring.

So this is where they find themselves: irrelevant, objects of ridicule, ignored by their own POTUS (!) and forced to sit through a speech by the son of a vice-president who's the AG in a teeny-tiny state.

I think having the GOP in power for a while will do the Democrats some good. At a minimum, it will force the state party to re-examine who and what it stands for and then (hopefully) develop a winning message.

Because right now, "winning" and "Democrats" are a null set.

The smart people will vote conservative in November

Know how to spot a moron?  Look for the Obama bumper sticker.

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