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As in Georgia, a birther attorney tries to remove Barack Obama from North Carolina ballot

A Georgia judge made news Wednesday by allowing California attorney Orly Taitz to present a case that President Barack Obama isn't a U.S. citizen at a hearing later this month.

For officials at the N.C. State Board of Elections, Taitz is a familiar name. The self-professed leader of the "birther" movement presented a similar petition to N.C. elections officials last month.

Taitz filed a complaint on behalf of Winston-Salem resident Danny Alan Vestal requesting an emergency hearing for elections fraud concerning Obama's status on the 2012 ballot. The complaint contends that Obama's Hawaii birth certificate is a forgery and suggest Don Wright, the elections board's general counsel, is downplaying the issue.

"Mr. Wright, you and the boards are not doing your jobs. There should be initiated immediately investigations of Barack Obama for elections fraud in all 100 NC counties. Obama is guilty of massive criminality," Vestal wrote in a December email. "To quote Dr. Taitz, you need 'to act upon evidence that Barack Hussein Obama is committing the biggest elections fraud in the history of this nation.'"

Wright replied to Vestal saying the board doesn't have jurisdiction regarding some of his claims about Social Security numbers or birth records. He also said the ballot issue isn't ripe because Obama hasn't been formally nominated yet. "Several court decisions have confirmed that he was and is qualified to hold the office of President. They have been no court decisions to the contrary," Wright wrote.

Taitz then sent a letter to Wright, providing documents from the Georgia case, and condemning Wright for a response that "was an insult to human intelligence and a de facto violation of Mr. Vestal's civil right to participate in a lawful election."

The Taitz email to Wright goes on to make other salacious allegations and asks for a hearing. In a recent interview, Wright declined to discuss the matter.

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Orly Taitz Challenge to Obama Presidency

What is it that Taitz, the tin foil hatter, does not understand? The truth? She cannot handle the TRUTH! The TPer continues to beat a dead horse. The GOP wants to steal the rights of North Carolinians by bringing fake charges in the courts. Didn't the Repub-backed legislature promise to streamline the system, tamp down on "no merit" lawsuits? 

It seems Taitz and her kind are determined to throw up every political and legal roadblock, no matter how ridiculous the stance. N.C. should fine her for wasting   valuable legal capital. 

BTW, there is evidence that aluminum hats are detrimental to the health(mental) of the wearers.

Aliens Invade Earth

I can't believe these jokers are Americans,...or even Earthlings.  History will record that Barack Obama was the nation's first African American president.  It will go on to talk about the great legislative achievements like health care reform that for the first time made health care affordable for all Americans, his ending the Iraq War, the killing of Osama bin Laden, and the economic recovery from the worst recession since the Great Depression.  And these aliens will still be saying this rubbish about his birth certificate.

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