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Anti-Bloomberg "Big Gulp" bill surfaces in North Carolina

Not to be outdone by Mississippi, three North Carolina lawmakers on Tuesday filed a bill that would prohibit cities and counties from limiting how big a soft drink can be.

Recently, Mississippi passed such a law, “The Anti-Bloomberg Bill,” which took a swipe at New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s effort to limit giant sugar drinks for health reasons.

House Bill 683, filed Tuesday in North Carolina, would also protect food manufacturers from being sued over weight gain, obesity or other conditions stemming from long-term consumption. Packers, distributors, carriers, sellers, marketers and advertisers would also be protected.

Sponsors are Rep. Brian Brown, a Republican from Greenville; Rep. Tim Moffitt, a Republican from Asheville; and Rep. Nathan Ramsey, a Republican from Fairview.


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Pass a law to make it a crime to serve unsweetened tea!

Imagine people in this state serving unsweetened tea in a public place. Syrupy sweet tea is our heritage. That should be the focus of the legislature.


I thought NC already addressed this issue with free sweet sugar (tea) with every fastfood order. It's sad....with all the problems this state faces, our GOP legislature spends their time on rolling back the clock on social and economic issues. If our legislature wants to mock NY....a better way to do it would be to address the obesity and chronic illnesses that plague our citizens. NC is now part of the stroke belt....what are we doing about?....legislating laws that allow our kids to ingest greater amounts of sugar just to spite someone who is attempting to drive down health costs. Wow....only in the south. ps. How's that unemployment issue coming along...didn't the GOP legislature promise more jobs?....

Hissy fit, again

I am starting to think that maybe this particular legislature needs to have a real Nanny appointed, to deal with hissy fits.

We have seen more serious hissy fits in state legislatures, e.g., the addition of the confederate battle flag to SC and GA flags in the 1960s in response to them do-gooders up north trying to force decency on us, and to read the 14th amendment.

I'll suggest not wasting our time with yet another hissy fit bill, and just fill the fundraising need with a rally focused on a rallying cry, "They will take my big gulp when they pry it from my cold diabetic Medicaid state-subsidized fingers."

I suport Anti-Bloomberg (and anti-Cuomo)

Thank goodness!
NYC and NY State have become the new "laboratory standard benchmarks" for Nanny-State Stupidity.

When government officials pass laws like they've done to protect everyone from everything, you know the end is near.


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