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Anti-Art Pope website created

First there was The New Yorker magazine article “State for Sale.”

Now there is the website: “

The Institute for Southern Studies, a liberal media and research group based in Durham, has started what it calls “investigative website” to track the influence of Pope, the Raleigh businessman who has contributed millions to conservative and Republican causes.

“There are a handful of big political donors, but no one person in North Carolina has Pope's level of influence,” said Chris Kromm, the Institute's executive director who has authored a series of critical reports about Pope. “Yet because he works largely behind the scenes, many don't know how big of a role he plays in the state and nationally.”

Pope has never gotten so much national attention as he has this week, mainly as a result of The New Yorker article. He was featured prominently on The Huffington Post, the liberal Internet newspaper and on The Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC.


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Art Pope

In the "old days" we had Pharaohs, Caesars, dictators with absolute powers.

Lately our country just has had a handful of extreme powerful people ONLY because they control $$$$$$$ and they fund any organization which goes against the Federal Government (if they are Democrats). What an ego these people have. Why do they not allow people to think for themselves? That is the question. I am beginning to hope that an answer lies in the groups of people protesting in several cities. How much can the workers and unemployed homeowners absorb: no jobs, no apparent support. They feel that the world is abandoning them and may become desperate.

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