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Another trooper under criminal investigation

A state trooper is under investigation by the SBI for allegations of "doctor shopping" to gain access to prescription drugs.

Jennifer Canada, a spokeswoman for the office of Attorney General Roy Cooper, said an investigation of patrol 1st Sgt. Tim Baldwin was opened Jan. 14 at the request of the Sanford Police Department. That investigation is still ongoing.

Baldwin, a trooper since 1992 who is posted to Lillington, has been placed on administrative duty by the patrol.

Maj. Kevin Gray with the Sanford police said the request for an investigation was triggered by a tip to a narcotics officer. Gray said the AG's office was contacted because they have access to a statewide list of perscriptions for controlled narcotics.

Gray described "doctor shopping" as the act of going to several doctors to gain multiple prescriptions for tightly regulated pain killers, such as OxyContin or OxyCodone.


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System to keep track of "trooper under investigation" stories

Dear N&O:

As a service to your readers, please implement a system to help us keep track the many, many "trooper under investigation" stories we read. Their frequency is causing the stories to run together in readers' minds.

For the time being perhaps a simple chronological numbering system (Trooper1, Trooper2, .....etc.) would work but you'll probably soon need a system like license plates (ABC 123) that will allow for the increasing volume of such stories.

A similar system may also soon be needed for police shootings of unarmed suspects.

rx drug abuse

henrye, the merits of these prescription drugs are usually found in specially designed delivery systems, designed to deliver you a steady dose over the prescribed timeframe.  the "deliterious merits" of these drugs arrive when they are crushed, rendering the time released delivery system useless.  they are then "ingested" in various ways by the user/abuser, with results that can lead to a "significant buzz", which also includes death.  prescription drug abuse is the fastest growing and one of the most dangerous threats to our society.  kids and adults not only "doctor shop", they also snoop inside any medicine cabinet available in their quest to illegally gain access to these meds for illicit purposes.  google "prescription drug abuse" and you will see that the feds and states are slowly catching up to deal with this very real problem.

never "toss" these pills in the trash as they will soon be in recirculation by someone going through the trash, dumpster, or landfill.  experts recommend that you dont even flush them down the toilet.  there are usually local collection spots where you can safely return these drugs so that they can be properly destroyed.

Another Trooper

I do not understand the merits of these drugs. I was given one of those after out patient surgery about three years ago..I dont know if it helped the pain or not. But I do know it kept me awake almost all night. I quit taking them and threw them into the garbage can maybe the fact they will keep you awake may be a factor of why people want them.


No Right

The government has no right to keep a list of the medications that are prescribed to citizens by our doctor.  No right whatsoever.

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