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Another House speaker in a North Carolina jail

Another disgraced House speaker is sitting in a North Carolina jail -- this one from Massachusetts.

The Boston Herald reportsDisgraced House Speaker Sal DiMasi has Stage 4 tongue cancer, according to his lawyer, who wrote in court papers DiMasi was denied treatment for critical months while authorities yanked him around the country so he could testify before a grand jury investigating the Probation Department patronage scandal.

Now in a North Carolina facility, DiMasi is preparing for “painful” radiation that won’t allow him to eat, will affect his ability to talk and will require doctors to put a feeding tube in his stomach, followed by seven weeks of chemotherapy, attorney Thomas R. Kiley wrote.

North Carolina's House speaker who went to jail -- Jim Black -- is no longer there to keep DiMasi company.


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Who the H=

. . . is writing the captions for these pieces?    Is it just me or is this a little twisted? 

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