Under the Dome

And the winner of the Dome election pool is ...

Tom Jensen is the guru at Public Policy Polling -- so it's probably no surprise he won Dome's election pool.

Jensen guessed four out of five questions correctly. He admitted to guessing in the GOP presidential contest and not using any poll data. The one he missed: the governor's race. He called Walter Dalton by 7 percent. Dalton won 8 percent. (He received partial credit and won with 4 1/2 points.)

It was a close race. Dome user inandoh had 4 points -- a half-point away from a win because of a better guess than Jensen on overall turnout.

Out of more than 30 entires, no one guessed everything right. But plenty of people beat the Dome political team. Top finishers (three points and above): dcope, stevefm, danmanley2299, Sam Spencer and Jim Blaine.

The main misses: many thought the Dalton vs. Bob Etheridge race would be far closer. (Only one person picked Etheridge.) And many thought the marriage vote would be less than 57 percent.

One person guessed the marriage vote and governor's race exactly right and two people guessed Mitt Romney's 66 percent.

Thanks again to everyone for playing. And Tom, contact Dome to claim your N&O umbrella and water bottle. See everyone in November for the big contest!


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Recount called off

Thanks for all the calls and letters concerning the recent Dome contest. Many of you have asked me to ask for an official recount or to file a complaint with the North Carolina State Board of Elections. I did call the Elections Board and explained the situation to them. However, they cursed at me and hung up. My lawyer, Jackie Chiles, has suggested that it would be better to follow the winner and try to steal the umbrella from him at a restaurant. Therefore, in a spirit of bipartisanship I have decided to pray for a drought so that he will not get a chance to use the N & O umbrella. If it starts raining you will know that I was able to nick it.

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