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An N.C. evangelical to tour for Obama?

Consider this post pure speculation.

But Dome noticed this recent report on CBN, a Christian news outlet, about Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama's upcoming "Faith, Family and Values" tour.

The Brody File is told that top faith surrogates will hit the trail for Obama. Some of those high profile figures include Former Indiana Congressman and pro-life Democrat Tim Roemer, Catholic legal scholar Doug Kmiec, and author Donald Miller. You can also expect a soon to be named Evangelical North Carolina (red state) Congressman to travel the country as well.

Now, we can't confirm this report, so take it with a grain of salt. But if it's true, who is it?

Among Democrats, Reps. G.K. Butterfield, David Price, Mel Watt and Brad Miller have been big Obama supporters, but we don't think any of them as evangelicals. Reps. Mike McIntyre and Bob Etheridge are not likely to go on the hustings for Obama.

That leaves Rep. Heath Shuler.

In an interview with a Christian publication, Shuler resisted the label "born-again," but he is a pro-life Southern Baptist from the mountains. Facing his first run for re-election, he did not get heavily involved in the primary (and backed Hillary Clinton when he did).

Still, his Republican opponent is weaker than expected, so he might feel confident enough to do it.

A longshot: Republican Rep. Walter Jones, a convert to Catholicism who still talks about his faith like an evangelical, still had not endorsed John McCain as of Sept. 10.


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Re: An N.C. evangelical to tour for Obama?

Mr. Shuler could arrange for the WNC tour to be held at the Biltmore Baptist Church in S. Asheville. (If its good enough for Bill Clinton who visited earlier this year...) Not sure if their members are required to be 'born again' but probably encouraged.

The Shuler / Burr suggestion is surprising, but its a thought, albeit a
troubling one.

Re: An N.C. evangelical to tour for Obama?

If the Obama campaign does an "evangelical tour," I hope they will bring the Rev. Jerimiah Wright along. I think he would really appeal to the evangelicals down here in NC.

Re: An N.C. evangelical to tour for Obama?

Seems like a risky thing for Shuler to do. Despite the claims these past few days, Obama has no chance in NC and could only stain Shuler, who I'm sure the Dems are ready to sic on Richard Burr in 2010.

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