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An ad Etheridge will like

Supporters of proposed health care changes have begun running TV ads in the district of Democratic Congressman Bob Etheridge.

The Main Street Alliance, a coalition of small busienss groups, and the National Education Association, began running an ad thanking Etheridge for his support for health care legislation, Rob Christensen reports. 

“Our employees are like family,” said small business owner Dan Sherry in the 30-second ad, “ but right now we can’t afford to provide them with health insurance.”

Sherry, who owns Kennedy’s Creative Awards, a family engraving business in Waukegan, Ill., has been uninsured for three years. He has been unable to get new insurance because of a pre-existing condition, high cholesterol.

A similar ad is being run in the districts of Reps. Leonard Boswell of Iowa, Carol Shea-Porter of New Hampshire, Harry Teague of New Mexico, Charlie Wilson of Ohio, Tom Perriello of Virginia and Mark Schauer of Michigan. The ads are scheduled to run through August 18th.


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Re: An ad Etheridge will like

You need to work on your reading comprehension skills there friend. The man is from Ill. not Wisconsin so I don't think the high risk pool would help him too much. Also your understanding of cholesterol control is lacking. Many people suffer from high levels regardless of medications, how well we watch our diet and how much we exercise. Genetics has a great deal to do with it.

Re: An ad Etheridge will like

Unable to get insurance for 3 years? Wisconsin has had a high risk health insurance pool since 1981.

And he's had 3 years to get his cholesterol down to an acceptable level to get insurance and hasn't been able to. Stop eating brats and cheese curd and maybe he could get insured.

But no, Obamacare will save him. Eat all you want, live as bad as a lifestyle as you want and someone else (taxpayers) will pick up the tab.

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