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Allred to resign Monday

Cary AllredEmbattled state Rep. Cary Allred will resign.

The Alamance County Republican submitted a letter to House clerk Denise Weeks after noon today saying he will leave the legislature effective 2 p.m. on Monday.

It has been my honor and privilege to serve the people of Alamance County and the 64th District in the House of Representatives.

As General Douglas MacArthur said, "Old soldiers never die, they just fade away."

With that, I bid thee farewell.

Calls to Allred's home and cell phone were not answered Friday.

Allred, who faced ethics questions after inappropriately hugging a teen-aged page, said Thursday that he might step down in September, but also hinted he might resign as early as Monday.

He had previously changed his mind about leaving the Republican Party, however, so some observers, such as Greensboro News-Record reporter Mark Binker, were skeptical.

State Republican chairwoman Linda Daves called on Allred to resign earlier this month.

Update: "It's for the good of the House," said Rep. Paul Stam, an Apex Republican and House minority leader. "Everybody needs to remember he had a 30 year career and I hope everybody won’t judge him on one or two events. He did a lot of good."

The resignation would end the ethics inquiries against Allred.

"If he's not a member of the House there's no reason to go forward with it," said Bill Holmes, a spokesman for House Speaker Joe Hackney.

Update: Hackney issued a statement on the resignation.

"I appreciate Rep. Allred's years of service to this state and will remember him as a staunch advocate for the people of Alamance County. I wish him well in his retirement," Hackney said.


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Re: Allred to resign Monday

I'll drink to that!!

Re: Allred to resign Monday

Mr. Allred,

To suggest that your service parallels that General MacArthur is a discredit to General MacArthur and the entire Armed Forces of the United States.

You are an elected official and certainly have not served yor country or state with honor approaching that of Genral MacArthur.

Re: Allred to resign Monday

Good to know he has the sense to resign. Shows that he has more sense than our former First Lady Mary Easley. Sad that he may actually be a better person than her.

Re: Allred to resign Monday

Good riddance!

Re: Allred to resign Monday


Stop putting advertising links in your posts. You are such a TOOL!

Re: Allred to resign Monday

What a shame...he didnt need to resign, but Im sure he is SICK to death of all the democrackkk CORRUPTION he's had to endure in the Legislature.
Perdue had BETTER pick a worthy republican to replace him, which is the ONLY right thing to do.

Mary Easley is being forced out as we 'speak' today...

Re: Allred to resign Monday

Notice the difference when a Republican in NC gets caught? Immediate calls for resignation from party leadership, followed by resignation!
The Dems hang on and fight it as long as possible, and no one expects any different.

Re: Allred to resign Monday

His ego was bigger than anything he ever achieved in the legislature. Good riddence to bad rubbish.

Re: Allred to resign Monday

Well, Mary's only worth $850k. She's a far cry from $2 million.

Re: Allred to resign Monday

Now, if only Virginia Foxx and, of course, Mary Easiey would follow his lead.

Re: Allred to resign Monday

Here we go again

lets hear it for one more lolx

cmon guys give us some more of these...

Google adwords tool

Re: Allred to resign Monday

And another one bites the dust........we need more of this and soon!

Re: Allred to resign Monday

...."Classier than Mary sad is that?"..... INDEED! Excellent comment, says it all.

Re: Allred to resign Monday

Classier than Mary sad is that?

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