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Allen to leave House for commission

State Rep. Lucy Allen is leaving the House for the N.C. Utilities Commission.

Gov. Bev Perdue announced in a news release that she has appointed Allen, a Louisburg Democrat, to the commission, which regulates utilities and the rates they charge. The appointment is effective April 12, according to a news release.

Allen was elected to the House in 2002 and was the mayor of Louisburg from 1985 to 2001. She is chairwoman of the House Environment and Natural Resources Committee. 

She has received numerous awards for her public service, including the 2009 Sunshine Award from Democracy North Carolina, and in 2007 the North Carolina Wildlife Federation’s Governor’s Award as Legislator of the Year, according to the news release.

She received her bachelor’s degree from Duke University and master’s degree from Meredith College.

The commission has seven members who serve eight-year terms. Appointments are made by the Governor, subject to confirmation by the legislature.

Allen's replacement in the House would be selected by a committee of Democrats from her district.

UPDATE: Allen will draw an annual salary of $123,000.

House Speaker Joe Hackney issued a statement about her appointment.

"Rep. Allen has been an outstanding member of the House of Representatives for the past seven years, and was particularly knowledgable about matters concerning the environment, transportation, economic development and local government. We will miss her insight, but wish her well in this new position."


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wrong again

It's really not that complicated. Each legislative district has an executive committee of its own, for just this purpose. This executive committee is supposed to include Democrats from all over the district, but a majority will probably be Franklin County people because that's where most of the district lies.

And incidentally, the latest redistricting was perfectly legal. It follows state law and federal law, and where federal law (the Voting Rights Act, etc.) disagrees with state law, the federal law is supreme, as the U.S. constitution says in Article VI, Clause 2.


Perhaps awbeal, the reason I am assuming it will eventually fall to the NC State Party organization, is that the problem is that District 49 reaches in to 3 counties and 2 congressional districts. That means there are no fewer than 5 different local executive committees with overlapping jurisdiction here. They will have to decide which local executive committee will appoint her replacement in that case. I am guessing it will be Franklin County, which is where Mrs. Allen hails from. That is just one more example of why gerrymandering is really a bad, bad idea. If the voting districts had been drawn in compliance with State Law, then it would be far, far easier to select which executive committee would be the one to appoint her replacement. Yet another reason to elect State House members who will actually abide by State law when redrawing the voting districts in 2011.


Mr. Bradley, the local Democrats in District 49 will select the replacement, not the executive committee of the state Democratic Party.

This certainly adds a new dynamic to the NC House 49 race...

Lucy has always been a great person with an exceptional personality, but the policies she supported in office were the same policies being constantly pushed by Governor Beverly Perdue. We will see one party line voter being replaced with another party line voter. It's time to end the party line and replace it with a line directly to the people of North Carolina. I like Lucy, she has always been kind and honorable (which is more that can be said for most politicians nowadays), and I wish her all the best in life and in her career.

Government waste and bureaucracy is at an all time high in North Carolina today, and any candidate appointed by the executive committee of the North Carolina Democratic Party is likely to toe the party line just as strongly -- or even more strongly -- than Lucy Allen did.

We can no longer afford this massive expansion in government spending, and the tax burdens on individuals and small businesses are leaving us with higher unemployment and a more depressed economy than even the rest of the United States.

It's time to return to the conservative philosophy of smaller government, less spending, and lower taxes. It is long past time to restore the Constitutional Order and put the brakes on liberal expansion of power.

My name is Glen Bradley, I am running on the Republican ticket for NC State House 49, and I am a strict Constitutionalist beholden to no party but to the Constitution and to the people of our great State.

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