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ALE director returns to agent job

Hoping to avoid the chopping block where most department heads find themselves with the arrival of a new administration, John Ledford, director of the state Division of Alcohol Law Enforcement, has voluntarily returned to the ranks of field agent.
Ledford requested the demotion and reassignment to his home district in Asheville, and it was granted effective Jan. 1, a Department of Public Safety spokeswoman said Thursday. Outgoing department Secretary Reuben Young approved it.
Ledford, long a part of the state’s Democratic Party system, saw the writing on the wall this summer, when he told The News & Observer that he hoped to be able to reach retirement age in law enforcement in just a few more years, even if Republican candidate Pat McCrory was elected.
Ledford ran the agency for three years, during which time ALE expanded into enforcement activities not traditionally associated with the agency, including a SWAT-like unit that serves high-risk warrants and chases fugitives, and a team that tracks violent parole or probation violaters.
"I'd rather be here three years and accomplish something than stay for 20 and have nothing to show for it," Ledford said at the time.
Earlier this year, the state auditor’s office issued a highly critical report that said Ledford blocked its investigation into what it said was misuse of his state car. The auditor said he failed to keep adequate records. Ledford objected to both criticisms, and insisted he only used the car on state business, even though it coincided with trips home to the mountains from Raleigh.


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Can anyone be that smug and arrogant? This has got to be first

If he wants to be an agent so be it. Make him an agent in Fayetteville. He and his "roomie" have not hesitated to transfer and fire agents across the state...with the blessings of Reuben and Rudisell. Give Chauncy a taste of his own medicine.
I'm sure he and Page already have a pie job all planned out for him. You can bet he won't be working weekends or doing outlet inspections.
Who did his background? Bev sure as heck didn't....she wasn't aware he didn't have a four year degree until after he was appointed. Did he take a polygraph as required in the application process for agents? And the democrats wonder why they they got ousted by the voters.

Hope McCrory is looking at this

Ledford has done everything he can to destroy ALE. He has created a good ole boy system where his buddies get promoted and those that do not toe the line are harassed and forced to leave or suffer the consequences.

He has made it clear that he intends to run for Sheriff of Buncombe County and now he expects the state to let him keep a job while he is running for office.

Maybe the reporter should finish the story. How much is Ledford being paid as an Agent? What about transferring the current supervisor in Asheville to put his roommate and best friend back in charge of the office. How can a supervisor supervise the man who has been their boss for three years?

Come on N&O, do your job.

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