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After Confederacy flap, McDonnell heads south

The Wake County GOP, fresh off a school board election victory that touches on sensitive racial issues, is bringing in a political figure involved in a Confederacy flap to help them raise money.

The headliner at a Wake GOP fund raiser Saturday night is Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell, who is scheduled to speak at a dinner at the State Fairgrounds, Rob Christensen reports. McDonnell, a Republican who was elected last November, made headlines in recent weeks when he declared Confederate History Month in Virginia without mentioning slavery.

That drew so much criticism that McDonnell issued a statement saying "the failure to include any reference to to slavery was a mistake, and for that I apologize to any fellow Virginian who has been offended or disappointed."

The Wake County Republican Party played a major role in the election of a new majority of the Wake County school board last fall. The new board has adopted a reassignment plan that emphasizes neighborhood schools over busing to achieve racial or economic diversity. Critics have said it will lead to resegregation of the schools.

The 7 p.m. dinner is designed to raise money for the county party. Tickets cost $100 per person, $180 per couple, with special sponsorships ranging up to $1,000.


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history doesn't stop in 1960

Apparently BitterEX's memory fades out about 50 years ago, when the Civil Rights Movement divided the Democratic Party. Around that time, most southern racists left the Democrats and joined the Republicans. That shift led to a long-term advantage for the Republicans in the South (particularly at the federal level), but at the same time it ceded the moral high ground on the racial issue to the Democrats.

Over the past half-century, the Republican party has consistently represented the interests of millionaire bankers and big corporations. Moreover, Republicans have a dark stain of bigotry on the party because they've supported so many hateful candidates and intellectuals. Think about David Duke and Pat Robertson, for example. Think about the hate spewed by Rush Limbaugh. The average Republican I know scorns minorities and gays, only likes women a little bit, and absolutely despises poor and middle-class Americans. Those are country club Republicans. Then you've got the religious right Republicans who are absolutely convinced that Jesus is going to come down on Pilot Mountain next Thursday and destroy every "sinner" who's ever had sex before marriage a or smoked a joint. Those people are demons sent from hell to destroy America and torment normal people living on earth. And they are all Republicans. And the Republican party adores them.

Meanwhile the Democrats worked long and hard to build broad a prosperous America by providing for a well-educated, inclusive work force and a balanced, medium-sized budget. Democrats have respected individual liberties and have recognized that huge corporations need to be watched closely while every once and a while even the best fellow falls on hard times and may need a little help. Democrats have also recognized that communities take a long time to heal from the wounds of hundreds of years of oppression, a fact that Republicans never seem to be able to admit.

So black folks aren't beholden to anybody, but they support the Democrats in overwhelming numbers because they know the Democrats support them just like the Democrats support all Americans who work hard, play fair, and are tolerant of others. Republicans, on the other hand, are the chambermaids of the greedy rich and the religious nut jobs. The Republican party grovels at the feet of big corporations and their millionaire lobbyists.

You mean when NC democrats MURDERED...

over 200 black Republicans in 1898? ...and the question remains, WHY are they STILL beholdin to the party of SLAVERY instead of the party of EMANCIPATION?

The N&O race baiting? Nahh,

The N&O race baiting? Nahh, not since they caused that little flap in Wilmington back in the day!

Non Sequitur

The reference to the new Wake school board has no bearing on who is speaking at the Wake GOP fundraiser. The N&O needs to stop the race baiting. It's poor reporting.

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