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AFP wants right-to-work in state constitution

The North Carolina chapter of Americans for Prosperity on Wednesday called for a constitutional amendment to protect the state’s “right to work” law, which says workers can’t be forced to join unions and bans collective bargaining for public employees.

Chapter president Dallas Woodhouse made the announcement following the Michigan legislature’s approval of right-to-work legislation.

Woodhouse says AFP doesn’t doubt that the GOP-run legislature and North Carolina’s newly elected governor will uphold the law. But, he says, “fringe elements opposed to worker freedom continue to press for changes towards more forced unionization.”

The Koch Brothers-funded AFP has become an increasingly influential force in the state’s politics, with the ascent of the Republican-dominated General Assembly over the past two years.

Update: Thanks to Jonathan Kappler of the N.C. Free Enterprise Foundation, Dome is reminded that House Speaker Thom Tillis was talking publicly about doing this last fall. Add that to the to-do list for the 2012-13 session?

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