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Advocacy group says two-thirds of legislature failed environment

Environment North Carolina says 112 lawmakers received a failing grade by their marks this session with only one Republican receiving a passing score.

The group's 2013 legislative scorecard put 65 percent of the 170-member N.C. General Assembly in the failing category based on nine contested votes in the House and 13 in the Senate. Nearly two-thirds of the Senate didn't pass the environmental advocacy group's test.

“This year, the Senate approved extreme measures to rush the state into fracking, do away with protections for our beaches, rivers and lakes, and dismantle our environmental commissions,” said Elizabeth Ouzts, Environment North Carolina state director, in a statement. “Given all the Senate’s attacks on the environment this year, their dismal scores are disappointing, but not all that surprising.”

Among the votes counted: Dix park, repeal of Jordan Lake cleanup standards, lifting the fracking moratorium and remaking environmental commissions.

The group also found:

--Rep. Chuck McGrady of Asheville was the only Republican to earn above 50 percent, with a 89 percent score. The next closest: Sen. Tamara Barringer at 17 percent.

--30 Democratic members earned a perfect score (25 in the House, five in the Senate)

--The lowest scoring Democrat was Rep. William Brisson (20 percent) and Sen. Mike Walters (44 percent)

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