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A well-timed hiring thaw

Between June 30 and July 24, when one hiring freeze ended and another began, the Office of State Personnel hired a statewide wellness coordinator.

The coordinator, who starts work in August, will be responsible for organizing wellness programs for state employees and educating them on good health practices. The person's salary will be between $53,248 and $72,000. The actual salary is not a matter of public record until the coordinator starts work.

Representatives from the personnel office said it is an important job, and said an economic recession is a time when people should worry about health.

"This is a very critical position at an important time for the state, with budget cuts and potential reductions in the workforce," said Margaret Jordan, the office's public information officer. "People are under a lot of high stress."

Jordan said the new position also will help state employees deal with changes in the state health plan designed to encourage people to smoke less and lose weight.


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Re: A well-timed hiring thaw

Does this new coordinator have a name?...and perhaps an affiliation with someone already in office or is this a fresh new face never seen before in the halls of Raleigh govmint.

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