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A Hagan-Berry shoot out in 14?

Labor Commissioner Cherie Berry leads potential Republican challengers to Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan, according to a new poll.

Berry leads a potential field of Republicans with 18 percent, followed by Congresswoman Virginia Foxx with 16 percent among GOP voters, according to a survey by Public Policy Polling, a Democratic-leaning firm based in Raleigh.

Rounding out the Republican field, U.S. Reps. Renee Ellmers and Patrick McHenry have 10 percent, state Senate leader Phil Berger has 7 percent, with 5 percent going to Greg Brannon, 3 percent for US. Rep. George Holding and and House Speaker Thom Tillis and 1 percent for Terry Embler.

Hagan leads all possible nine Republican opponents by margins of five to 15 points.

The closest is a 45-40 lead she holds over McHenry.

Voters are divided over Hagan's job performance with 39 percent approving and 38 percent disapproving.

The spin: “Kay Hagan continues to lead all her potential Republican opponents,'' said Dean Debnam, the firm's president. “Her approval numbers aren't out of this world, but the pool of GOP candidates is weak.''

The survey of 600 North Carolina voters and 518 Republican primary voters was conducted Feb. 7-10. It had a margin of error of plus or minus 4 percent and for the GOP primary portion a margin of error of plus or minus 4.3 percent.


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washing your hands after you see someone on TV

I guess that is in line with the current understanding of science on the right.

A definition


1. to give intellectual or spiritual light to
2. to shed light upon

Origin: 1350-1400, Middle English

Synonyms: edify, teach, inform, liberal

Antonyms: confuse, mystify, conservative

Surprise - surprise - surprise!

Since no one has even hinted at running against Senator Hagan, the PPP poll may or may not be of addition, as a PPP participant, their questions and wording is always "interesting". If a conservative polling group did a poll on President Obama, it would be trashed as biased and ridiculed by those with the dreaded EELS (Elitist Enlightened Liberalism Syndrome).

Fortunately, we have President Obama and his comments and the little boy who keeps asking mommy why that tall, articulate man is naked and all the folks are talking about his impeccable dress.

That, like washing your hands (which I do after I see him on TV) is the best way to "out" EELS and there will be a new vaccine for it in 2014.

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