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A Democrat files for Brad Miller's seat

A Democrat has finally stepped forward in new, Republican-leaning 13th district.

He is the Rev. Bernard Holliday of Creedmoor, a 79-year old Baptist minister, who said he was motivated to run by the Republican gerrymandering of the district.

“I have been following redistricting since I have been in North Carolina, in relationship with the Voting Rights Act,” said Holliday.

Holliday said he spoke at a public hearing against the redistricting plan, saying he believes it is unconstitutional.

“Much to my dismay the 13th is carved up in a way that is a challenge for any candidate who runs to reach all of his constituents.” Holliday said. Of the nine counties in the district, not one county is totally in the district, he said.

Holliday said he has worked in past campaigns of Democratic Congressman Brad Miller, who chose not to re-election after the district was made Republican and he was moved in the 4th district.
Holliday said he has run for the state legislature three times unsuccessfully. He holds several degrees, is the author of three books, and most recently organized the Center for Living, a non profit center for a emphasis on nurturing families and helping senior citizens.

Two Republicans have filed for the seat: Wake County commissioner Paul Coble and former U.S. Attorney George Holding.


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A Faison-type

Sounds like an ideal candidate to barnstorm w/ Bill Faison.  A nice pair of tin foil-hat lib loonies.

We should expect RobbieRW to really support this guy.  Right Robbie ???

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