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A curse on lieutenant governors?

Francis DeLuca says the Queen City Curse is not the only one.

Although much has been made of the failed attempts of Charlotte mayors to win statewide office, the executive director of the Civitas Institute points out that a number of lieutenant governors have lost their bids for governor.

1976 - Lt. Gov. Jim Hunt won the general election for governor
1984 - Lt. Gov. Jimmy Green lost the Democratic Primary
1988 - Lt. Gov. Bob Jordan lost the general election
1992 - Lt. Gov. Jim Gardner lost the general election
2000 - Lt. Gov. Dennis Wicker lost the Democratic Primary
2008 - Lt. Gov. Beverly Perdue won the Democratic Primary but is in a close general election

He also notes that while none of the Charlotte politicians won a statewide election, every lieutenant governor won at least won general election.

"Looking at the inability of seasoned statewide politicians to move up to the Governor's mansion leads me to only one conclusion — there is a curse on Lieutenant Governors who try and become governor," he writes.


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Re: A curse on lieutenant governors?

Maybe there's a just a curse on do-nothing career ("seasoned") politicans who collect hefty salaries at the expense of taxpayers all the while making little or no contribution whatsoever.

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