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19 more bills become law

The Governor’s Office this evening released a list of 18 newly signed bills, including one that expands the rights of gun owners and one requiring every business in the state with more than 25 employees to use a federal database to determine the immigration status of new hires.

She let one bill become law without her signature: HB678 creates a pilot program to allow some prison inmates to be released to adult care homes. They would not be mingled with other residents of the homes.

Earlier today, she announced the signing of four public safety-related bills. See Dome post below.

Those bills, along with the voter ID bill she vetoed this afternoon, brings to 24 the number of bills she announced action on today. She has until the end of the month to determine the fate of scores of other legislation.

Here are the 18 newly signed bills:

HB 916 Statewide Expansion of 1915 (b)(c) waiver – The Department of Health and Human Services shall proceed with statewide restructuring of the management responsibilities for the delivery of services for individuals with mental illness, intellectual and developmental disabilities, and substance abuse disorders through expansion of the 1915(b)/(c) Medicaid Waiver.

SB 708 Building Code Rules/Effective Dates – This is an act to reconcile the effective dates of certain rules adopted by the building code council related to the 2012 energy conservation code and the 2012 NC residential code.

SB 683 Residential Building Inspections – An act requiring counties and cities to have reasonable cause before inspecting residential buildings or structures.

SB 593 Government Reduction Act – An act reducing state government by abolishing certain state boards, commissions and committees. Perdue issued this statement: “I sent a list of 345 boards and commissions to the General Assembly for elimination or consolidation back in January. While this bill is a good start toward streamlining North Carolina’s government, there is truly much more to do. I look forward to working with the General Assembly to consolidate and eliminate ineffective and redundant boards and reauthorizing only those that are essential.”

HB 588 The Founding Principles Act – An act to require high schools to teach a course entitled “American History I – The Founding Principles,” which includes: “the Creator-endowed inalienable rights, structure of government, separation of powers with checks and balances, frequent and free elections in a representative government.”

SB 578 Facilitate State Psychiatric Hospital Beds Community Facility – An act to facilitate the transfer of beds from a state psychiatric hospital to a community facility within certain LMES.

HB 36 Government Contractors Must Use E-Verify

HB 650 Omnibus Gun Bill - This bill makes multiple changes across an array of statutes related to gun possession and use. The bill’s most significant change is implementing the castle doctrine in North Carolina.

HB 736 Amend Law Regarding School Discipline – An act to reorganize the general statutes relating to school discipline; prevent litigation.

SB 498 Modify Law Corporal Punishment Permission - Punishment shall not be administered on a student whose parents or guardian has stated in writing that corporal punishment shall not be administered to that student.

SB 479 Testing in the Public Schools – An act to provide the assessment of career and college readiness with nationally and internationally benchmarked tests; the continuation of North Carolina’s participation in the development and implementation of test related to common core state standards adopted by a majority of states; and diagnostic tools to assist in teaching and student learning.

HB 427 Run and You’re Done – An act to provide for the seizure, forfeiture and sale of motor vehicles used by defendants in felony cases involving speeding to avoid arrest.

HB 677 Discharge Adult Care Home Residents -- An act to provide adult care homes with greater flexibility in the transfer and discharge of residents and to enact appeal rights for adult care home residents and adult care homes with respect to discharge decisions and to create adult care home resident discharge teams within every county which contains an adult care home licensed under chapter 131D of the general statutes.

SB 484 Reps Credits at Cleanfield Parks -An act to provide that the additional credits assigned to the first ten megawatts of biomass renewable energy facility generation capacity pursuant to S.L. 2010-195 are eligible to satisfy the poultry waste set aside.

SB 135 Allow Juvenile Record/Risk Determination/Bond -An act to allow a juvenile record to be considered in making the risk determination for establishing a bond under the laws pertaining to the juvenile code.

SB 397 Expunge Nonviolent Offense by Minor -An act to provide that a youthful offender’s criminal record may be expunged of nonviolent felonies but to allow the criminal justice education and training standards commission and the sheriff’s education and training standards commission access to the records of the expunction.

HB 350 Property Tax Uniformity for Conservation Land -An act to modify when land used for conservation purposes is to be excluded from property tax base.

SB 272 Victim’s Compensation Law Changes-An act to clarify the role of charitable donations and write-offs as collateral sources for crime victims compensation, to modify the scope of dependent’s economic loss for crime victims compensation, to clarify the confidentially of crime victims compensation commission records, to require suspension of crime victims compensation proceedings upon request of the attorney general, and to provide that certain state bar records on disciplinary matters and the lawyers assistance program are not public record.


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AGREED about starting to teach languages MUCH earlier

NC should definitely come into the modern world with language skills and offer spanish starting at minimum age 5 (studies have shown youngsters learn languages much better at a younger age)....this would be a skill and not something to be 'scared or resentful of ' as many conservatives are.

What a waste of time!

How about less laws and more commen sense.  How about teaching something that is relevant to the 21st Century.  For example, a second language starting in 1st grade instead of waiting till you're 15 when you're already set in your ways or maybe a course on the value of a dollar, how to balance a check book, the pit falls of borrowing what you can't pay back.  I could go on, but you get the point............

HB 588 The Founding Principles Act – An act to require high schools to teach a course entitled “American History I – The Founding Principles,” which includes: “the Creator-endowed inalienable rights, structure of government, separation of powers with checks and balances, frequent and free elections in a representative government.”

Dear Back in My Day

Dear "Back in My Day" - If not from their Creator, where do you suppose human rights come from?  And of course, let's not forget that those are the actual words of the Declaration of Independence.  So perhaps this is not just a "Christian" view of history, but rather just an accurate reading of our founding documents?  Just a thought.

You mean, god given, and of

You mean, god given, and of course the Koran contains any number of Christian ideology, it came about in the seventh century CE. I resent, however, your characterization of Christians as thinking somehow God's Word only applies to them, it applies equally to all. Maybe you should have paid more attention in civics class.

Back in my day Bill #588 was

Back in my day Bill #588 was called "Civics", minus the dose of Christianity garbage masquerading as "creator endowed unalienable rights", of course.

Fun fact: did you know many of the same "unalienable rights" Christians appear to think are unique to them are present in the Koran as well?

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