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$1.7 million will be spent on presidential ads in NC this week

If you think you saw a lot of presidential campaign ads on TV, you are right.

The campaigns and their allies will spend $1.7 million on North Carolina television stations this week, according to an analysis by NBC/ SMG Delta.  The only states where the campaigns will spend more on TV were Ohio, Florida, and Virginia.

The re-election campaign of President Barack Obama will spend $1.1 million in North Carolina, while the pro Romney forces will spend $642,000. That breaks down to $193,000 being spent by the campaign of former Gov. Mitt Romney and $449,000 being spent by Crossroads GPS, the super pac associated with Karl Rove, the former advisor to President George W. Bush.

Overall, nationally, the pro Obama groups will spent $8.8 million while the pro Romney groups will spend $4.7 million.


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This is criminal

That money could help pay for education or helping people who actually need it rather than subsidising the already rich media outlets and attempting to buy an election for one of two loosers.

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