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10 Democrats support marriage amendment

Ten Democrats broke party ranks to support the constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage.

The amendment needed a three-fifths majority to pass, or 72 votes, meaning four Democrats made the difference. Democratic leaders expected eight members to vote with Republicans.

The Democrats: William Brisson of Dublin, Jim Crawford of Oxford, Ellmer Floyd of Fayetteville, Ken Goodman of Rockingham, Charles Graham of Lumberton, Dewey Hill of Lake Waccamaw, Frank McGuirt of Wingate, Bill Owens of Elizabeth City, Garland Pierce of Wagram and Tim Spear of Creswell.

The extra Democratic support was needed to counter Republicans who missed the vote.

Two GOP lawmakers did not vote: Glen Bradley of Youngsville and Chuck McGrady of Hendersonville. And Republican Craig Horn of Weddington had an excused absence.


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accountability not harassment

All ten of these Democrats who sided with the unnecessary and oppressive anti-gay amendment should face a strong primary opponent next spring.  I urge all Democrats in their districts to look at your community and ask yourself who would best represent you and be fair to all.  None of them deserve to be called Democrats.  We are not interested in rolling their trees with toilet paper or making their telephones ring all night long.  We are committed to letting them spend the next election season spending a lot more time with their own families instead of discriminating and defaming other people's.

We won't harrass them, but we WILL bother them.

We will most certainly let them know -- both democrats and repubs that we strongly disagree with their votes, and we will express our votes and campaign money accordingly, and we will make a strong statement that what they are attempting to do is to move North Carolina back to the 19th century.  It's totally backwards.  This is the *21st* century.  Not the 19th!

How is North Carolina supposed to attract corporations and jobs to our state when we appear to be so backward?!

The vast majority of us North Carolinians no longer live in Mayberry.  Our ways are nowadays NOT dictated by Sherrif Andy, Barney, Aunt Bea, and Gomer and Goober (!)



i hope so

i hope so

Will The N&O ....

Will The N&O be giving out their home addresses and phone #s so they can be harrassed by "the Dem base"?

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