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It takes 10,000 pages to answer Forest's Common Core questions

Republican Lt. Gov. Dan Forest is challenging the state's adoption of the Common Core education standards by asking the state's education department to answer 20 pages of questions (67 questions in all).

The State Department of Public Instruction received his request and asked him to provide 10,000 pages of paper so they could answer them, according to a Facebook post from Forest. The Republican said his office delivered the paper Friday and posted a photo online.

"Upon receipt of their reply to my letter, my team will methodically research all the answers supplied so that we can push this dialogue at the upcoming Board of Education meetings," Forest wrote. "I will keep you updated on the progress of this effort."

Forest is a member of the State Board of Education. No word on how much time and money it will take DPI to answer his questions or how long Forest's state-paid staff will spend going through the answers.

Dan Forest will 'encourage personal responsability'

If elected, Republican lieutenant governor candidate Dan Forest says he wants to emphasize education. He might want to start with spelling.

His latest campaign flier misspelled "responsibility." The N.C. Republican Party paid for the mailer -- which Forest authorized. Dome's not immune to typos so it's a good thing we're not running to control the state's No. 2 elected post like Forest.

What is the State Board of Education?


A 13-member board that sets the state's education policy.

Eight members of the board are appointed by the governor from geographical districts, while three represent the state at-large. The lieutenant governor and the state treasurer also serve on the board.

The board approves school curricula and tests, authorizes hiring top staffers of the Department of Public Instruction, and writes a budget request to the governor for education spending.

The superintendent of public instruction then implements those plans.

Board members are not paid, although they receive a meals stipend for meetings.

The board was created in the post-Civil War constitution of 1868. Originally it was made up of other state elected officials, such as the governor and the secretary of state.

In 1942, a state constitutional amendment changed the board's makeup.

In the 2008 gubernatorial primary, Republican candidate Bob Orr called for the board to be elected, rather than appointed.

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