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Cowell debuts TV ads in re-election bid

Democratic State Treasurer Janet Cowell is debuting two new TV ads, according to her website.

The first focuses on education -- an issue with tenuous ties to her job description -- in which Cowell touts job training and college affordability. The second (see below) focuses on her accomplishments as treasurer and touts the state's AAA bond rating.

Dalton supports tax hike for education, regrets co-sponsorship of 2005 constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage

As Lt. Gov. Walter Dalton readies for an expected Democratic primary for governor, he is putting his focus on education and economic development.

He said he supports Gov. Bev Perdue's proposal to increase the sales tax by 3/4 of a penny to fund education -- an issue Republicans say links him closely to the current governor, who announced Thursday that she wouldn't seek another term. 

"I don't look at that as Gov. Perdue's sales tax proposal," Dalton said in an interview Friday. "it is something that is logical that will buffer the damage that we are seeing in economic development and education.

"I want a solution, so I'm willing to embrace that and do embrace that as a way to solve it," he continued.

But Dalton did express regret that as a senator in 2005 he co-sponsored a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage and civil unions. He said he would vote against the May referendum to put marriage between one man and one woman into the state constitution. "To be truthful, when I sponsored that bill, I was in a district at that time that very much wanted the  opportunity to vote," he said. "The more i have examined this  ... it is not the right process to mess with the constitution like that. ... Perhaps I was wrong back then."

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