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Poll: Send members of Congress to Syria

More than half of North Carolina residents are for deploying Americans to Syria -- all 535 members of Congress, according to a new poll.

Fifty-one percent support deploying members of Congress to Syria, while 31 percent oppose, and 18 percent are not certain, according to a survey by Public Policy Polling, a Democratic leaning firm based in Raleigh.

While some of the younger members of the delegation maybe in shape for deployment, such as Rep. Richard Hudson, and work-out master Sen. Richard Burr, Dome is not sure about the rest of the delegation.

The poll of 600 North Carolina voters was conducted Sept. 6-9.

Morning Memo: McCrory's approval slides, Congressman Price prominent on guns

MORNING MEMO EXCLUSIVE: GOV. McCRORY'S POLL NUMBERS SLIP. A new Public Policy Polling survey finds the new Republican governor's approval ratings at 45 percent to start his first term, down eight points from a month ago. The new poll -- set for release later Wednesday -- suggests his cabinet picks may have pulled his popularity downward. Among those who know, 31 percent approve of his cabinet and 24 percent disapprove. Likewise, more people disapprove of McCrory's controversial picks Art Pope and Tony Tata than approve, though most people aren't sure about the two.

MORE PEOPLE UNSURE: The Raleigh-based Democratic polling firm found Republicans approve 73 percent to 6 percent, independents split 43 to 23 and Democrats even at 26 percent. All the numbers are lower than the previous month, with those people unsure what to think about McCrory on the rise. The falling numbers put his approval rate at the start of his term in the neighborhood of his Democratic predecessor, Gov. Bev Perdue. Four years ago, she started with an approval rating at 43 percent.

***This is the Dome Morning Memo -- the source for breaking news, analysis and a daily news digest for North Carolina politics.

GOP prevailing winds

There is hardly any arguing that a strong Republican wind continues to blow across North Carolina.

Voters are unhappy with President Barack Obama and they are not too keen on Democratic members of Congress either, according to a new survey by Public Policy Polling, a Democratic-leaning polling firm based in Raleigh.

The survey found that 57 percent disapprove of of the job that President Obama is doing, while 39 percent approve of his job performance and 4 percent are not sure.

Asked which party they would vote for in a congressional election today, 51 percent said Republican and 42 percent Democrat, with 7 percent undecided.

The poll surveyed 681 likely North Carolina voters from Sept. 23 to 26. The poll had a margin of error of plus or minus 3.8 percent.

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