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Morning Roundup: Democrats focus on McCrory, not each other

Lt. Gov. Walter Dalton, former U.S. Rep. Bob Etheridge and state Rep. Bill Faison spoke to nearly 200 members of the Young Democrats of North Carolina at their state convention at the Blake Hotel. They did little to differentiate themselves but kept the focus on the likely Republican nominee instead. Read full story here

In other news:

--Tens of thousands of North Carolina businesses are putting their employees at risk by failing to buy workers’ compensation insurance, a violation of the law that’s driving some injured workers to destitution and businesses into bankruptcy.

Though the state has the power to crack down on these businesses, it doesn’t act until a worker is hurt and left without a paycheck and with mounting medical bills. The state Industrial Commission rarely enforces penalties, and efforts to collect money for health care can drag on for years. Read the full investigation here.

-In his column, Rob Christensen recounts Charles Brantley Aycock roles in North Carolina politics. Read here

Morning Roundup: Democratic governor's race begins to take shape

Here's a special weekend edition of the Dome political news roundup:

The Democratic governor's race will begin to take better shape this week. Lt. Gov. Walter Dalton will file his candidate papers Tuesday and Congressman Bob Etheridge met with his staff today to formulate a game plan for next week. If you missed Saturday's paper, the announced candidates made their first joint appearance in Wake County.

In Charlotte, Jim Morrill sheds light on why three prime downtown hotels weren't among those hosting delegates in last week's announcement and how Charlotte, S.C. is apparently the same as Charlotte, N.C. Also, city officials shared some details about security spending.

On Jones Street, the legislature adjourned until April's mini-session without incident Saturday. And if you didn't see it, the liberal N.C. Policy Watch dug up footage of House Speaker Thom Tillis talking to a crowd of tea partiers outside his second floor office -- the same place where protesters were removed last week.

And columnist Rob Christensen remembers Bill Snider, one of the state's great newsmen.

And your name is?

DENVER – There are plenty of familiar faces in North Carolina's delegation to the Democratic National Convention - from congressman such as David Price, Bob Etheridge and Brad Miller to state legislative leaders such as House Speaker Joe Hackney and Senate Majority Leader Tony Rand.

But what has struck many is how many new faces there are in the crowd – many of them younger people attracted by the candidacy of Barack Obama, reports Rob Christensen.

David Parker, a veteran Democratic National Committeeman from Statesville, said he didn't know a large number of the delegates, many of whom are attending their first Democratic convention

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