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Morning Memo: Bill Maher's screed rips North Carolina GOP

BILL MAHER RIPS NORTH CAROLINA A NEW ONE: Comedian and liberal commenter Bill Maher spent five minutes recapping North Carolina's rightward political shift concluding: "North Carolina is going ape $*!# in a way no other state has."

Maher introduces the clip comparing the state to a third world country "where Democracy itself hangs in the balance." He later blames Art Pope for the circumstances and suggested his guest Jay-Z ought to buy the state. See the clip above.

McCRORY WATCH: Gov. Pat McCrory hasn’t signed any bills in a week and there are 38 of them on his desk. Deadline to sign them is a minute before midnight on Sunday, Aug. 25. He signed a spate of legislation July 29.

***The biggest bill on his desk -- read about it below. Along with more North Carolina political news in the Dome Morning Memo.***

Groups tally outside spending in North Carolina

Two public-interest organizations have analyzed outside election spending in North Carolina and 20 other states, and on Thursday released a report on their findings. The report is meant to draw attention to what it sees as a big problem: too much money is being spent by outside and secretive interests on federal campaigns.

Six Democratic bundlers help Obama raise $1.1 million in North Carolina

UPDATED: North Carolina gave $1.1 million to President Barack Obama's campaign last year, according to updated campaign finance data filed earlier this week, thanks in part to the work of six Democratic bundlers.

The fourth quarter Obama bundlers -- people who collect checks within the contributions limits in a bundle for the campaign -- were prominent Democratic donors and all from the Triangle area. (Republican candidates combined edged Obama in overall giving in the state, see totals below).

Ranked by the amount bundled, Raleigh businessman John Crumpler is the only North Carolinian in the top tier of fundraisers who brought in more than a half million dollars for the campaign. Kel Landis, a Raleigh money manger and husband of Nina Szlosberg, and Steve Lerner, a UNC-CH trustee and Chapel Hill investor, raised between $100,000 and $200,000 for the president's re-election.

Hagan did well in California, Act Blue

Lots can be learned from the Center for Responsive Politics' new report on Congress' newest members.

The Washington-based non-profit website offers online campaign databases about every member of Congress, breaking down donations and expenditures and ferreting out details about industry and lobbyist support, Barb Barrett reports.

The group released data today on North Carolina's newest senator, Kay Hagan, who was sworn in Tuesday.

Among the tidbits:

* The website ActBlue was Hagan's top donor. Donations linked to the Democratic website amounted to $1.2 million among Hagan's itemized donations.

* Nearly 40 percent of Hagan's financial support came from out of state. Two states rang up more than $500,000 for her: North Carolina and California. Within North Carolina, her top geographical support came from the Triad — not surprising since Hagan is from Greensboro.

* Hagan received $10,000 each from political action committees representing such groups as steelworkers, airline pilots, teachers, firefighters and Democratic Sens. Mary Landrieu, Tom Carper, Patrick Leahy and Richard Durbin.

Details on Hagan (and all the other new House and Senate members) are available here.

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