How to read your receipt... @ Lowes Foods

This is the second in my occasional series of posts on how to read your receipt at various stores. So far, the only other store I've done a post for is Harris Teeter.

You can always find these posts in the left-hand "rail" of this page, in the Coupons 101 section. I hope to add more stores over time.

Click Read More to learn how to read your Lowes Foods receipt!

First, let's start with the big picture. Here's a real receipt of mine from Lowes. I know it's hard to read... don't worry about squinting! I've numbered and color-coded the portions I am going to discuss below, and there are enlarged photos of those sections below:
















So, when an item is on sale at Lowes Foods, this is how it appears on the receipt:




The first line is the regular price of the item. Then the second line shows the amount of the sale discount (1 @ .84). The third line shows the discount being deducted from the total. However, unlike other stores, there's no line that shows the actual price you paid for the item on sale. You have to do the math.

For items not on sale, there's just one line listing the item and the price.



After all of your items are listed, you will then see the entries for any coupons you have brought to the store. It looks like this:



The first line is the face value of the coupon and it shows clearly that it is a manufacturer's coupon in two places: where it says MC on the left and also in the text, which reads MFR COUPON. In this case, my coupon was a 75-cent coupon.

At Lowes, manufacturer's coupons up to 99 cents are doubled, so you see a second line. This says SC for Store Coupon and shows a double coupon savings.

Now, normally, this second line would also say 75 cents. But since the double coupon value ($1.50) was more than the actual price of the item, the register in this case only doubled up to the value of the item. That's why you see some weird numbers sometimes on the doubled coupon amount.


At the bottom of the receipt, under my payment information, there's a section that shows how much I saved today. This is composed of several lines: regular coupon savings, double coupon savings and "rewards" savings, which would be the savings I got on sale items using my green Lowes Foods loyalty card.

There's also a grand total of all my savings for the day at the bottom. It looks like this:








Underneath my savings for today is a line showing my year-to-date savings. But this is ONLY my Rewards savings and does not include coupon savings or double coupon savings.





And then finally there's another section showing your Greenpoints balance. Greenpoints is Lowes' long-standing loyalty program in which you can redeem your Greenpoints for items at the store or items on the Greenpoints Web site. The section looks like this:







To read my big long post about the Greenpoints program, click here.

At the very bottom of your receipt you will see the store manager's name and a big  black box that shows your order as paid along with the date and time you paid.

And that's it! Now you can read your receipt at Lowes Foods! 

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