Coupons 101: Store rules

Here are the rules for using coupons at our area stores. The rules vary by store, and it's important you structure your shopping to comply with the rules at that particular store. It seems complicated at first, but with a little practice, it will all be second-nature. 

-Food Lion takes manufacturer’s coupons but does not double them.

-Harris Teeter does double coupons, all the time. Up to 99 cents in value, up to 20 coupons in an order. Limit three of the same coupon.

-Kroger doubles manufacturer's coupons up to 50 cents. No limit on the number of identical coupons.

-Lowes Foods doubles all the time, up to 99 cents in value. Limit four of the same coupon.

-Wal-Mart takes coupons but doesn't double them. Wal-Mart's official coupon policy states that anyone who wants to use more than 40 coupons in a single order will require manager approval.

-The drug stores (Walgreens, Rite Aid, CVS) all take coupons but don't double them.

-Warehouse clubs vary. Sam's and Costco do not take manufacturer's coupons.

BJ's does, and even allows you to use several coupons if you are buying a multi-pack. So, if you are buying a multi-pack of toothpaste with five tubes in it and had five Colgate coupons, you could use them. The important distinction here is that the individual units in the multi-pack have to come packaged individually, like the individual tubes you'd buy at a regular store. So the big huge boxes of diapers don't count for the multi-pack rule since it has different packaging specifically for BJs.

Warehouse clubs also put out their own coupons for members.

-Other stores operate on a case-by-case basis, so it's best to ask if you are unsure.

Updated: July 10, 2008 


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Kroger does not accept IP B1G1Free

I tried using the Nabisco & Gallon of Milk B1G1 coupon last night at Kroger SW Durham.  The front end supervisor(?) said that Kroger does not accept Internet Printable coupons for "free" items or coupons worth more than $0.50.  The IP coupons I used that were worth $0.50 or less did double like usual. 

Yet another reason why I'll be doing more shopping at Harris Teeter.

Re: Coupons 101: Store rules

It's always best to check at the specific store you wish to shop. The corporaate policies on competitors' coupons vary widely. And sometimes (unfortunately) managers don't know the true policy and will make up their own rules. Also, remember that some stores will only accept certain types of competitors' coupons. 

Re: Coupons 101: Store rules

Which stores accept competitor's coupons? Rite Aid has been printing a lot of coupons in their ad, but I prefer CVS, will they accept them? Kroger also mails out a lot of store coupons that would be better deals at other stores.

Re: Coupons 101: Store rules

Normally, no, because the limit on doubling is coupons up to 99 cents in face value (ie, NOT $1 and above). But this week (June 24-30) with Super Doubles, the answer is YES!

I do believe there's a limit of two identical printable coupons (so you can buy two of product X, use two coupons ... one for each... and they will both double, but that's th limit). 

Re: Coupons 101: Store rules

Will HT double IP coupons? I have a lot of $1.00 Qs.
Keep up the good work. I check this site out everyday.
Lake Royale

Re: Coupons 101: Store rules

Absolutely coupons rules every where beacause of recession in economy every one want to save money, and about all best stores offers discount coupons.
Shoes Coupons | Maryland Square

Re: Coupons 101: Store rules

Depends on the store and more often than not on the manager on duty. Some see them as manufacturer's coupons and redeemable anywhere. Others see them as OK if there is a story policy to accept competitor's coupons. It really depends. Best advice is to check at the customer service desk of your particular store. Also, those coupons are called "catalinas" after the company that runs those little coupon printer machines... 

Re: Coupons 101: Store rules

What is the policy for using the coupons that print up at the register with the store name on them?

For example, I have a coupon that printed up at the register from Harris Teeter for Welch's juice. It says Manufacturer's coupon across the top but it also has the Harris Teeter emblem over the bar code, but it does not say that it is only good at Harris Teeter.

Will Lowes or Kroger accept this type of coupon?

Re: Coupons 101: Store rules

Where are you writing us from? Sounds like the NorthEast maybe?

Our Krogers here only double (no triples) up to 50 cents. We don't have Tom Thumb, Albertsons or the 99 cent store. Unfortunately.

Re: Coupons 101: Store rules

Kroger's triples coupons upto $.39 and up to $.50 they double them. As does Tom Thumb (which is owned now by Safeway). Walmart in my area does not seem to have a limit as to how many you can use but they do not triple or double.

Albertson's also triple and double. So I usually wait for the items to go on sale and then use my coupons. But sometimes you have to use them before there is a sale. Actually I rarely use a coupon unless that item is already on sale.

I love the 99cent store and Dollar Tree. I have bought many high end items like the new granola bars and 100 calarie packs of 12 or more for a dollar. You have to go often to get the best buys but I can usually buy about $100 worth of items and spend only $30 to $40. I love it!

Re: Coupons 101: Store rules

IPs (internet printables) can be tricky. And it IS Lowes' corporate policy that if the coupon doesn't "Scan cleanly" then they won't take it. But don't let that discourage you. IPs can be a great way to save! I think the most trouble comes if you don't have a laser printer... ink jet printers can be hit or miss depending on how sharp the image is.

Re: Coupons 101: Store rules

I tried using a Danon yogurt coupon printed from my computer and when I gave it to the cashier at Lowe's Foods, it wouldn't scan. The manager said in response "If it don't scan, then we don't take it." This was in Rolesville. Now I'm a bit leary of the coupons that you print yourself.

Re: Coupons 101: Store rules

Question about Target.

If I have a Target coupon, do you know if I can also use a manufacturer's coupon?



Re: Coupons 101: Store rules

I would like to, but it's actually pretty difficult. The policies change a lot, and in the end, it seems to be up to the manager on duty. Sorry, I know that's not very helpful. But you should be able to find the rules for each store on their Web site. Search for "coupon policy." If you think you may run into trouble, it might be worth it to print out the coupon policy and take it to the store with you.

Re: Coupons 101: Store rules

Is it possible for you to print a list of store that you know won't take IP's? I was very disappointed to find that Wal-Mart does not. (Well, they took one but refused another.) The new one in Garner now says that it is their policy. I will plan my shopping based upon who will accept my coupons as I am now printing as many as I clip.

Re: Coupons 101: Store rules

Quick Question--If you have a $1 off coupon, but the store only takes up to $.99, will they accept your coupon and only take off the .99? Thought it was worth a try...

Re: Coupons 101: Store rules

Hi Gia,

I suggest you read the posts under the Coupon Corner Q&A on the basics (on the left-hand side of my blog page... you can click on all the individual questions to read the answers). Also, if you are a subscriber to the paper, you can attend my class on Nov. 5. Visit to sign up.

Re: Coupons 101: Store rules

I am completely new at this coupon things, but I have heard how so many save on their shopping, I am disable but no benefits, I have fibro. and I have 2 men in my home to shop and cook for, my son and my husband. Please help me to get to started. I will be forever grateful.
Thank you

Re: Coupons 101: Store rules

Fianlly starting to grasp this coupon thing and finding so much info from different sites. FYI WAlmArt has All You Magazine and the Aug. 29 issue is full of coupons for back to school snacks and other things as well.

Re: Coupons 101: Store rules

It is worth noting that Dollar General accepts coupons, but does not double them. They have started doing some rebates as well, where you mail in the form and receipts and a check is mailed back.

Re: Coupons 101: Store rules

Store policies on IPs (internet printables) really vary. And sometimes store managers or employees don't even know their own policies. In the past year or two, there's been a real lock down on IPs because there has been a TON of fraud with these coupons. In general, stores will only take IPs that scan cleanly... in other words, if the bar code doesn't work for some reason, the managers won't override the system because they see that as a red flag that there could be some tampering. In general, most stores won't let you use more than two identical coupons that are IPs. The best thing to do is ask at customer service before you shop.

Re: Coupons 101: Store rules

Does all stores allow computer printed coupons and if they do how many will they except at one time. Doesn't have to be the same coupon could many different ones.

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