Bonus for buying gift cards at Kroger...

Starting today, people who participate in the Kroger Fuel Rewards program can earn extra incentives if they purchase gift cards in Kroger stores.

Normally, customers receive a discount at Kroger fuel centers or certain partner Shell stations when they spend $100 in Kroger stores. But now through Dec. 11, people who buy $100 in gift cards at Kroger will be eligible for a 40-cents-per-gallon discount on one fill up at participating Kroger fuel centers or Shell stations. The gift cards can be for any retailer that Kroger features in its gift card center, inclduing Best Buy, Homne Depot, iTunes, macy,s Sears, Subway, JC Penney and Chili's. You can mix and match several cards to get to the $100 amount.


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That is annoying. I also cannot find something about this on the Kroger website, but the fine print was spelled out in the weekly ad this week (the one that came in Sunday's paper). And you can view that HERE if you like:

It does say that the deal "Excludes Kroger gift cards, the "wishes" line of gift cards, Green Dot prepaid reloadable products, MoneyPaks and the 1-2-3 Rewards Visa Prepaid Debit card and ReCharge card."

It does not say anything about needing to make the purchase in one transaction. The regular Kroger fuel rewards accumulate even if you make multiple transactions, so my guess is that yes, you could go back and buy another gift card worth $10 and it would round out your $100 and get you the discount. If you try it and you still can't get the deal, I would definitely complain to the store manager and/or corporate.

The fine print also says the fill up discount is limited to 35 gallons. I doubt your SUV takes more than that, but just fyi.

really irked at kroger

I went in to Kroger this afternoon to buy my $100 in gift cards, $15 itunes for a nephew, $25 gas for a relative, and then was going to get $50 in gas to go use with my 40 cents off at shell across the street.  I needed another $10 so I bought a kroger gift card.  The clerk knew I was trying to do the $100/40 cents deal, the manager came over to show the guy how to check my ID (make sure it matched my credit card) and finish the transaction.  I then went across the street and was unable to get my 40 cents off gas,which would have been great to fill up an empty SUV before our drive to florida tomorrow.  You cannot count any kroger cards towards the $100.  There were not any details on the store display, and the kroger cards were displayed right next to all the others.  I cannot find any details of this promotion on the website.  So, my question is, can I buy a $10 gift card between now and Dec. 11 to get my 40 cents off?  Or is it $100 all in one transaction?  Kroger needs to train it's managers and cashiers on the promotions, because both were told by me what I was doing, and did not let me know the $10 in kroger card would not qualify me for the promotion.  Highly annoying!

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