A waterless car wash...

For the second time this week, I find myself writing about car washing. This is a line of waterless car washing products called Eco Touch. Starting this week, they are available in area Whole Foods stores. The company says that a single wash saves 80 to 140 gallons of water and costs about $2. The products range in price from $9.99 a bottle on up. Anybody out there tried these products?


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Car Valet Drogheda

When most people think of auto detailing, they focus on the cleaning agents and machines that will do the best kind of job. There is a popular misconception that harsh chemical cleaning agents are the only way to get your vehicle really clean. However, these kinds of products aren't always the best way to deal with tough stains like brake tar or tree sap deposits. In the course of time people will understand about the benefits of car wash with eco friendly chemical, as washing your car with these non hazardous chemical is almost a revolutionary steps from traditional washing and it also saves water from unnessary wastage.

Re: A waterless car wash...

Detail Magic 1-Step is much better than Freedom. i've used both and can really see the difference

Re: Freedom Waterless Car SIMPLY THE BEST HANDS DOWN!!!

Nice spam all over this article buddy, find another way to advertise. Someone remove this crap?

Freedom Waterless Car SIMPLY THE BEST HANDS DOWN!!!

Freedom Waterless Car Wash is the best product EVER!!!. I will not use anything else. This product polish's better than any product I have ever used. Freedom Waterless Car Wash has a tire shine, and two products that wash old and new cars. I have a black truck and it did have swirl marks all over it when I used the Freedom One Formula it was like a whole new truck. The shine was crazy. This product unlike others POLISHES while cleaning without water. So it’s one simple step instead of many steps I can clean my whole truck including windows with one product in 15 min. On top of that it’s organic and won’t harm the environment I suggest this line to everyone. They also have business options if you’re interested in selling their products. Private label options are available.

Re: A waterless car wash...

I will definitely try those. Right now I keep a bottle of Meguiar's Quik Detailer in my trunk to remove bird poop and sap, but I *have* been known to wash my whole car with that stuff and a few microfiber rags. It's good stuff - has some special lubricant in it to keep whatever you're cleaning off from scratching the paint. BUT I bet it isn't as eco-friendly as this stuff. Good find.

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