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Ellmers: GOP men made mistakes that costed party in 2012

Congresswoman Renee Ellmers said the Republican Party -- particularly its men -- made "unnecessary mistakes" that cost the party the presidential election.

Ellmers, a Republican who represents Dunn, argued that her party needed to focus more on President Barack Obama's record, particularly when it comes to appealing to women.

"As Republican women, we know what it takes to care for our families. We are the ones managing the household budgets, fighting for our children's education, and searching for the best healthcare for our loved ones. The policy issues that are affecting our nation affect us on a personal level and mimic the same tough choices we are faced with every day," Ellmers said in a Yahoo News chat Thursday about how the GOP can better appeal to women voters. "Oddly, enough, many of the mistakes were made by the men in our party. And this only fueled the misconception that the GOP does not care about women."

Kay Hagan expresses hope for woman nominee in 2016

U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan is featured in an ABC News broadcast airing Thursday evening about the record number of female senators that take office today. The Democrat joined 19 of the 20 women for an interview with Diane Sawyer.

Hagan gets far less airtime than some of her colleagues, according to a transcript, but at one point expressed hope there will be a woman nominee for president in 2016.

Morning Roundup: Young voters may swing election, early voting starts in N.C.

A wave of excited young voters helped lift President Barack Obama to a narrow victory in the state four years ago, but flagging support is now putting a repeat win in jeopardy. If Obama does end up losing North Carolina this election, it could be because of voters like Jennifer Bachelor.

An Elon University graduate, Bachelor cast her first vote for president for Obama, but she has agreed with his positions less and less as his term wore on. Her assessment of the president’s performance is so negative that the Raleigh resident watched the vice-presidential debate last week with other staunch backers of the Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan ticket at a GOP-sponsored party. Full story here.

More political headlines:

--Early voting starts today in North Carolina -- meaning everyday through Nov. 3 is election day. Find Triangle area voting sites here.

--Walter Dalton leveled a new ethics charge at GOP rival Pat McCrory in the debate. Read a fact-check here.

Morning Roundup DNC edition: Anthony Foxx readies for the spotlight

From the 15th floor mayor’s office it is about five miles from the working class Lincoln Heights neighborhood in West Charlotte where Anthony Foxx grew up.

But his journey seems longer and more improbable. Tonight it will take him to the podium of the Time Warner Cable Arena Tuesday to welcome the Democrats to Charlotte for the Democratic National Convention – the first national party convention hosted by the state. Read Rob Christensen's full column here and a profile here.

More political headlines from the N&O and Charlotte Observer:

--DNC wrap: The fight for women voters. Party's platform will highlight controversial issues in North Carolina. Occupy protests Monday night cause disruptions. More planned today. Jon Stewart's backyard cook out. Rain drenches DNC street festival. Police were everywhere. Columnist: Welcome to Smurf City. Youth Council builds enthusiasm for Obama. The day for delegates. The alternate speakers platform may not get many visits.

Democrats urge women to seek bigger role in 2012 election

A Democratic panel of women in Raleigh blasted Republicans gathered in Florida for "taking our country back in time."

Those words from state Rep. Deborah Ross defined an event Tuesday in which Democratic women said Republicans were pointed in the wrong direction on everything from healthcare to pay equity.

Alabama Congresswoman Terri Sewell, elected in 2010 as the first woman Democrat from her state, urged the women in the crowd to get active this year. "The 2008 election was historic," she said. "But the 2012 election is imperative."

Planned Parenthood brings national bus tour to Raleigh

Planned Parenthood's political group is holding a rally Monday to criticize the policies it says attack women's health and take aim at Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

Secretary of State Elaine Marshall, N.C. Senate candidate Sig Hutchinson and others are expected to attend the event, which is part of Planned Parenthood Action Fund's "Women are Watching" bus tour.

The group says it's mounting it largest campaign effort ever and visiting electoral battleground states to speed its message. Planned Parenthood is also pointing the finger at state Republicans, calling last year's legislative session in North Carolina "the worst on record for women's health."

The rally starts at noon at Wolfe Plaza on the campus of N.C. State University.

Obama appeals to women in new TV ad hitting Romney

President Barack Obama is appealing to women voters in his latest television ad airing in North Carolina.

The 30-second spot (dubbed "Troubled") hits Republican rival Mitt Romney for opposing Roe vs. Wade and funding for Planned Parenthood.

Democrats call out GOP on "war on women"

About two dozen Democratic members of the General Assembly on Tuesday called on the Legislature to stop what has come to be called a Republican “war on women” in this state and across the country.

North Carolina Democrats cite as evidence two things the GOP-controlled Legislature has done: taken away funding for Planned Parenthood and required women seeking abortions to be given narrated ultrasound exams, including invasive vaginal ultrasounds. But they also point to program cuts in last year’s budget that they say especially harm women and families.

New video blasts GOP for targeting Democratic women in redistricting process

The N.C. Democratic Party is circulating a Web video highlighting how the GOP-drawn redistricting maps appear to target outspoken Democratic women legislators.

Titled "GOP War on Women," the video starts with Rep. Deborah Ross calling the Republicans new maps "an assault on women." Betty McCain, the former chairwoman of the party, says the women are being "punished" for speaking out.

The video -- which uses maps to show how Republicans moved women lawmakers into others districts -- focuses on how three of the six women in the Senate were double-bunked with another lawmaker. "We'll lose the presence of women in the General Assembly because of that," said Rep. Alma Adams.

Jones Street

Diana Haskell, left, Carolyn King, Hilda Highfill and Mary Peterson discuss their plans before they lobby at the legislative building Tuesday.

More than 75 activists gathered for Women's Advocacy Day to address the legislative issues affecting women.

"The hope that fills me now comes from the understanding that the work today advances the work that began decades ago," said Veronica Butcher with N.C. Women United during a press conference. "We hope that one day there no longer be a need for women's advocacy day." (Takaaki Iwabu)

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