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Conservative group hits Kay Hagan, touts Thom Tillis

Americans for Prosperity is targeting Democrat U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan in a new web ad about renewable energy at the same time the conservative organization touts Republican Thom Tillis on taxes.

Tillis, the House speaker, announced last week his intentions to challenge Hagan an filed campaign papers this week.

The timing of the two ad campaigns is coincidental, said Dallas Woodhouse, the group's North Carolina director. "They have nothing to do with each other," he said.

Fix the Debt group is airing North Carolina web ad

The North Carolina Chapter of Fix the Debt has released its first web ad that seeks to put pressure on Congress to reduce the deficits.

The ad features a family going over a budget with an accountant, with expenditures far in excess of income and a mounting debt.

"Folks in North Carolina know that they can't operate a family budget by spending so much more than they take in year after year, so why has it taken years of deficit spending for leaders in Washington to figure this out," said Zach Smathers, a North Carolina steering member and founder of Clarity Technology Group.

"The ad applies family accounting to the federal budget and clearly lays out the fact that an American family couldn't survive for very long spending so much more than they take in,'' he said.

McCrory web ad goes after Dalton assertion that NC is busienss friendly


The campaign of Republican candidate Pat McCrory has launched this web ad criticizing his Democratic opponent, Walter Dalton, for saying that North Carolina is business friendly. Dalton made his remarks before the National Federation of Independent Business and cited a Forbes Magazine study that said North Carolina ranked as the third most busienss friendly state.

UPDATE: Shorr Johnson, spokesman for the Dalton campaign: “For the second time in as many weeks, Pat McCrory abandoned his so-called clean campaign pledge and is up with another negative, misleading ad.  We know Pat McCrory will be 'business friendly'--to the companies lining his own pockets. Walter Dalton is committed to creating jobs now and for the future. Pat McCrory is committed to Pat McCrory.”

RGA produces web ad on why North Carolina needs to change parties

The Republican Governor's Association has produced this web ad discussing how bad the economy is in North Carolina and suggesting why voters may want to choose Pat McCrory over Walter Dalton. The businessman featured in the ad is Claude Pope, a former Wake County Republican Party chairman.

UPDATE: Democrats dismised the web ad, noting not only Pope's GOP ties, but also those of John Lassiter, a Republican who tried to suceed Pat McCrory as mayor of Charlotte.

They also blamed the failure of North Carolina to land Continential Tire on the failure of the Republican-lead state Senate to agree to a compensation package.

"Disingenuous web ads which fall apart after spending two minutes on Google are not oging to cut it, nor is blaming the world economic recession on Lt. Gov. Walter Dalton," aid Gerrick Brenner, executive director of Progress N.C. Action.

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