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And the winner of the Dome Election Pool is ...

The Dome Election Pool results are tallied. The winner: Raymond Shen.

Shen guessed 18 of 25 questions correctly -- one more point than 9 second place finishers. The tiebreaker -- President Barack Obama's popular vote percentage -- decided second place. The runner up: Jonathan Owens.

More than 150 people entered the Dome pool and only four people correctly guessed the electoral college margin. Thanks to everyone for participating. (*See notes on Florida and recounts below.)

Read observations about the Dome collective wisdom by clicking "Read More."

Don't forget to cast your ballot in the Dome election pool

Election Day is here. So hurry to cast your ballot in the Dome election pool. Test your political prowess and win prizes. First place: a N&O cartoon umbrella and travel coffee mug. Oh -- and bragging rights as the smartest N.C. wonk. 

Click here to enter the Dome 2012 Election Pool. Submissions accepted until 6 p.m. today.

Dome Election Pool: Test your political knowledge and win prizes!

Are you smarter than the political pundits? Or the Dome scribes? Well, here's your chance to prove it.

The 2012 Dome Election pool will test your political knowledge and forecasting skills. If you've paid attention to Dome in the last few weeks, most of this will come easy and look for hints throughout the survey. Click here to play.

The first place winner receives a News & Observer umbrella and travel coffee mug and ultimate bragging rights. Second place wins a N&O water bottle. If you have questions, email John Frank at

Dome Office Pool: Nov. 4

Time for the final office pool of 2008.

Post your picks for president, senator and governor, including the percentages. As a tie-breaker, list your picks for auditor, treasurer and agriculture commissioner.

Jensen wins Dome office pool

Tom JensenTom Jensen won the Dome office pool for North Carolina.

The pollster for Raleigh Democratic firm Public Policy Polling may have had a bit of an advantage with all that polling data at his fingertips, but he still came an impressive seven points cumulatively of nailing the final percentages in the state primary.

Jensen predicted Obama at 56 percent, just .1 percent below his actual take, McCain at 75 percent, 1 percent too high, Perdue at 59 percent, 2.8 percent high and McCrory at 43 percent, three percent low. For good measure he also correctly predicted Walter Dalton would win the lieutenant governor's race.

Coming up right behind him is user jbrown68, who came within 9.4 percentage points and also called Dalton, and user Senate, who came within 12.4 points. He and Jensen both win spiffy N&O hats.

In all, eight of the 22 contestants correctly predicted all four top vote-getters, with most of the rest losing on the Republican gubernatorial primary. 

Congratulations to users gercohen, greenlamp, bjeversole, btchambe and raleigh585, who also did well. 

The New Hampshire pool winners

A loyal Dome reader points out we forgot to list the winners of the last pool.

As it turned out, no one called New Hampshire exactly. Of the 20 entries, none correctly predicted the win by Hillary Clinton. The closest was Wayne Goodwin, who predicted a 33-33 tie between Barack Obama and Clinton. Still, that's kind of a cheat, so we're only giving him an honorable mention.

More got it right on the GOP side, with 14 correctly predicting the McCain-Romney-Huckabee order.

Since no one guessed all six correctly, we based the winner on those who had the lowest overall margin of error for all six races.

Numerically speaking, the winner is again Frank Williams, who was really off on Hillary Clinton, but much closer on the percentages of the other candidates. Persondem and Deepthroat were really close behind and neither were in any particular race.

Congratulations to all three.

Office Pool: South Carolina

OK, Domesters, you've got another chance.

After the success of our office pools in Iowa and New Hampshire, we're running one this weekend on the South Carolina Democratic primary.

Post your best guesses on the percentages of the three candidates in the thread below.

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