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Morning Roundup: Medicaid problem becoming political headache

About 2,000 people with mental disabilities are in danger of losing their lodging in group homes on Jan. 1, their evictions triggered by changing Medicaid rules. State officials and advocates for the disabled have been talking about the problem for months but have not come to a resolution. It's a building political problem, too. Read more here.

More political headlines:

--The debate over fracking has cast a shadow over any property where the homeowner has little legal say over what happens underground.

Fracking critics bombard Perdue's office asking for veto

Gov. Bev Perdue is facing intense pressure to veto legislation legalizing a controversial practice of natural gas, known as fracking.

Perdue's office has received nearly 8,000 emails since June 8 with most of them asking her to veto the fracking bill, according to a spokesman.

Environmental groups are stirring up opposition, taking out full page newspapers ads and asking opponents to call the governor's office. The governor's office received another 2,800 phone calls since the issue hit the radar a few months ago.

Fracking bill goes to Gov. Perdue's desk

The N.C. Senate passed a bill Thursday that would legalize fracking in North Carolina within several years, leaving the fate of natural gas exploration in the hands of Gov. Bev Perdue.

Perdue has 10 days to decide whether she’ll sign or veto the controversial legislation that would dramatically reshape the state’s energy landscape. Supporters laud the bill for its potential economic benefits and opponents denounce it as environmentally destructive.

Perdue, who has expressed support for fracking in the past, has remained conspicuously silent on the Republican-backed fracking legislation.

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