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Morning Roundup: Are you willing to you help payoff the nation's debt?

The nation's $16 trillion-plus debt has some Americans so worried that they've donated nearly $8 million outside of federal taxes - to help pay it off. Yes, it's less than a drop in the bucket, but every little bit helps, according to the Bureau of the Public Debt, which annually accepts such "gifts." Read the article here.

More political headlines you may have missed over the long weekend:

--State legislators say their upcoming proposal to deal with the unprecedented $2.8 billion unemployment insurance won’t eliminate the issue that has outraged the business community – the higher taxes being imposed on employers to pay down the debt.

New Romney ad says household income has declined, while debt has climbed under Obama

The presidential campaign of Mitt Romney has begun airing a TV ad in North Carolina and other battleground states that criticizes President Barack Obama. It says that average household income has declined by $4,000 during the Obama administration while the national debt has skyrocketed.

AFP spends big money to hit Obama on the national debt

Americans for Prosperity is shifting gears to expressly oppose President Barack Obama, launching a new television ad Wednesday that will appear in North Carolina.

The conservative group backed by the Koch brothers plans to spend about $25 million nationwide before Labor Day to put the 30-second spot about the national debt on TV, including between $850,000 to $1 million a week in North Carolina.

Anti-debt billboards coming to North Carolina

Public Notice, a Virginia-based group focused on economic and fiscal policy, is launching an advertising campaign that will line some North Carolina roads with billboards decrying the national debt.

The group is calling the campaign “Bankrupting America,” and 48 billboards will be unveiled in 10 states by the end of the week with a message that calls for politicians to “stop digging” the country further into debt.

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