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McCrory spotted having lunch in legislative cafeteria

Spotted having lunch in the Legislative Building cafeteria Tuesday was Gov-elect Pat McCrory.

It is a bit unusual for governors or governors-elect to wander over to the Legislative Building, so it created a bit of a buzz. But McCrory's transition office is located just a stone's throw away in the Albermarle Building.

And McCrory does want to make sure he has a good working relationship with the legislature.

Chicken run

An investigation into food theft at the legislative cafeteria has resulted three food service worker resignations and charges for one of the former employees.

Melissa R. Howard of Clayton was charged with two counts of embezzlement, said
Capt. Jeff Weaver of the General Assembly police. Howard loaded cases of chicken quarters into a vehicle and drove away with them, he said.

The police investigation is ongoing, Weaver said.

Legislative pork...beef, fish, etc.

Rep. Angela Bryant said before she will support more money for the legislative cafeteria, she wants a healthier menu.

The cafeteria's management, though, said they have made progress by cutting transfat and expanding their salad bar.

"I will be standing on my head objecting to an increase (in cafeteria funding) unless there is more low fat and low sodium," said Bryant. The current House budget plan proposes raising prices in the subsidized cafeteria by 10 percent.

Bryant said legislators coping with the cost of various health problems partly tied to diet should clean up their own house.

Kathy Wethington, the cafeteria's supervisor, said the staff is doing healthier cooking, using Smart Balance instead of butter and offering "heart healthy" vegetables on fried chicken day. The lunchroom also features a two-section salad bar, complete with low fat dressings, not to mention the sneeze shield.

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